3 New Canadian Shuttle Tankers

Samsung has just finished 3 new tankers that are to be Canadian flagged for Teekay. Beothuk Spirit, Norse Spirit, and Dorset Spirit: aren’t they pretty girls?

Looking pretty spiffy. Now only if the US ones could get busy!


US Shuttle tankers?? Are there any??

Indeed. There are 3, all operated by OSG.

I don’t see any actual Shuttle Tankers fitted with bow loading facilities or DP system in the OSG fleet??

Overseas Cascade, Overseas Chinook, and Overseas Tampa are all shuttle tankers with bow loading systems. None of them are DP.

Got it.Conversion carried out in 2014: http://www.detyens.com/portfolio-item/osg-conversions/

For the Cascade and Chinook. Tampa was completed in 2014 at Rementowa Shipyard in Gdansk, Poland.

Those dates are a little off. I took the cascade out of detyens in 2009 or 2010

Yea I was going to say Cascade was 09 and Chinook was 10.