3/M unlimited looking to transition from Ships to Tugboats

I mean, I’d love New England. I realized I live near Boston but can describe harbors in Japan more than I can describe Boston harbor. But honestly. I’m not picky. I’m more concerned with pay, benefits, and culture. Not saying I’m expecting fat pay checks and benefits, but if there’s 10 companies paying people $10 and this one company pays $6, probably would go with one of the other 10.

I’d prefer non-union. I’ve been looking at companies like Vane Brothers, Genesis Marine, and Moran. Boston Towing would be cool, but I was told that it’s a lot of day boats and not really competitive for a green mate trying to get his TOAR.

You’ll probably get the most tugboat money in New York, or the Pacific Northwest. The Chesapeake, Carolinas, Florida, and Hawaii usually pay less. The Gulf has some good pay, but mostly less than NY.

If you want short hitches try the East Coast or Gulf. If you don’t mind long hitches, try PNW.

In New York, take a look at Haugland, Rose Cay, Stasinos, etc.

In Seattle, check out Crowley, Foss, Dunlap, Western Towboat, Boyer, etc.

In the Gulf and Florida, Crowley, Signet, Tradewinds, Genisis, etc.

In California and Houston , Curtin has been advertising good pay.

The best places to get boathandling and bargehandling experience are usually dump scows and stone and gravel barges.

Right now, almost everyone is hiring almost anyone.

Something to think about. ATBs are nice and comphy but you can’t get a full TOAR check-off. Also, you won’t gain too many tugboat skills. There’s plenty of opportunities out there. I’ve been retired 13 years and still getting calls. Good luck!

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If you don’t mind tanking the barge, Crowley ATBs is probably looking for people.

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Go take the diamond course and once you have the completed TOAR in hand you will get a mates job within a week on the ocean going tugs. They are hiring anybody with a TOAR and pulse right now. I did this 6 months ago sent out 2 apps and got called the next day.