2nd mate to unlimited master

Looking to upgrade from 2nd mate oceans. Thanks for all of the help

Yes, 9 of them to be exact.

To be honest it’s scary that you don’t know that and haven’t bothered to take the 3 minutes to find that out yourself.


I researched it prior to asking was just wondering if I missed something and was asking about other people’s experiences. As I thought this site was for that. Maybe one day I will be as smart as you and not need any advice.


It’s more the fact that holding the license you have, and presumably the level of responsibility you have at work, one would think you would have the skillset to figure this out. The tools to use are front and center on the NMC website.

There are no short cuts, so don’t look for them. Take the CM courses and sit for the 9 tests.


This sums it all up in a nutshell.

Thanks for all of the help. I appreciate it

I second that comment. Unfortunately far too many people out there with a license, should never have been allowed to sit for the test.

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Well, aaaaaaactually there is a shortcut to go directly from 2M Unlimited to Master Unlimited.

CFR Definitions

46 CFR 10.107 “Chief mate”
means the deck officer next in rank to the master and upon whom the command of the vessel will fall in the event of incapacity of the master.


I don’t really see that as a shortcut. Still have to put in time as Chief Mate (or master), still gotta take the classes and tests.

It cuts out a year of “360 days of service, while holding a license or endorsement as Chief Mate of Ocean or Near Coastal”

Yes, you have to take the tests and the classes. But, if you don’t have to get 360 days of sea service while holding CM Unlimited, you are that much closer to the end goal.

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It’s interesting that they allow time as master to count now.