27 years old looking to enter the shipping industry (?)

<P>Thanks slipknot,</P>
<P>Do you know of any openings or companies that I should contact?</P>

Hey thegreenhorn! I dont think that you have to really no to much about the boats and stuff cause you can just pick it up really fast like I did and make BIG money (even with new technicologically advanced equipment that the government uses to fight alqueda! I don’t really travel right now but one day when I get the big lisence I will so you can just work on a boat for the beginninning and try it out and move up to the top and make money and save it to do other things when you go home. You can work on boats in foren countrys but they don’t make that much money and we make more. You dont have to spend money and go get schoolin for 4 years to do what I do and even most of the other gcaptain people do and it’s ok like that you no. So good luck to you and I hope that you get what you want!

<span style="mso-spacerun: yes]<span style="font-family: ArialMT; font-size: 17.3333px; line-height: 21px;] </span><span style="font-family: ArialMT; font-size: 17.3333px; line-height: 21px;]Seacore marine and crosby
towing are good places to start out if you dont have a license, and the moneys better there at entry
level. I also hear good things about hornbeck offshore services but im unsure about tidewater and chouest at an entry level position i hear mixed stuff
about them they have a high turnover rate. i could be missinformed, thats just what i get from talking to guys on
other boats and guys that have been in the oil patch allot longer than me. i work for a small company i dont want to mention because im lookingto move myself i have desire to work on the biger boats geting off of these crewboats. all
of these companies have web sites.</span></span><O:P></O:P>

<P>Thanks slipknot</P>
<P>That is a good start. I called Hornbeck and they said they are getting allot of apps from Tide water people because tidewater is going overseas and some dont want to go abroad. maybe tidewater has something for you</P>

There is a guy in Jacksonville, FL Gene Scandora 904-891-6330 He helps folks get their documents and training. His company is called Merchant Marine Consulting Services. It is worth the modest fee he charges to not have to reinvent the wheel when getting started. He also helps find work.

hi…this is a very old topic but i’m in a similar situation. I’m 30 years and working as a Logistics Assistant in an INGO. I also want to switch my career and go to shipping industry and have do clue how to, thats how I found this topic.

I’m from Karachi, Pakistan and would really appreciate if someone could kindly guide me.