As of Monday, March 9, our two-week old drive to provide support to cadets hoping to embark on the Summer Sea Term has reached over $30,000. Thanks to all who have demonstrated their loyalty, commitment and generosity, we have added twenty scholarships to the seventy-five already funded by the Association. Last year we awarded 160; we need to fund another sixty-five to equal that number.

To some, our goal of $127, 500 may seem too ambitious, but from this point on, all that is needed for success is for another 500 donors to send in contributions averaging $200. If just five grads donate $5,000 each, it would take only 620 others @ $100 to reach our goal. The initial appeal went out to over 6,000 grads, including 3,000 FSMAA members. It’s not that much if each and every one of us gives something.

Consider a few important facts:

  • the Summer Sea Term (sea time) is a prerequisite for earning a license
  • today’s cadets come from working class families just like ours
  • the SUNY charge for the SST is $3,500 per cadet; add two months expense money
  • being away from May 18 - July 11 makes it difficult to get a summer job
  • the real total cost of the eight-week SST can easily be in area of $6,000!

In short, the Summer Sea Term is an expensive but necessary part of a cadet’s goal to earn a license and a degree. Many will not be able to take part this year unless we, the Alumni, step up to the plate. Are we serious about our loyalty and devotion to our school? If we are, now is the time to prove it. Now is the time to act; you’ll be glad you did. A Donation Form is attached, and donations are tax deductible.


Dick Bracken, President
Fort Schuyler Maritime Alumni Association, Inc.

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The official bill to participate in the 2009 Summer Sea Term is now $4,250. Huge increase, so the need for scholarships is even more. There are no government loans available, just the Bank of Mom & Dad, who are struggling…