200 Chinese boats at Whitsun Reef

Doesn’t look like Chinese fishing vessels:

No Chinese signs to be seen.

Here is a fleet of typical Chinese fishing vessels:

Maybe a bit of hype here?:

It’s a while since I’ve been out in deep water but 200 Chinese fishing boats is a bit on the low side from what I vaguely recall.

Seems like Beijing called them “fishing” boats and the Philippines called them militia boats, which is probably more accurate based on the photos.

Also, here’s a more clear photo of the one you posted where you can see evidence that they’re Chinese vessels:

Photo pulled from this BBC article:South China Sea dispute: Huge Chinese 'fishing fleet' alarms Philippines - BBC News

An update on the situation:

They are obviously terrified at this news.

New Royal Navy warship HMS Glasgow emerges at Clyde shipyard (msn.com)