20 years ago today, 20. March, 2023

It is 20 years since the 2nd Gulf War started with “Shock and Awe”.
A relic of that day is the wreck of the Super Yacht “Al-Mansur”:

The “Al-Mansur” was designed by Knud E. Hansen and built in Finland in 1983 :

This is what she looked like at delivery:

After being bombed in March 2003:

And today:

Only one of the over 200K casualties in an unnecessary war that was started based on wrong intelligence.
It accomplished noting and is still causing hundreds of casualties, in some form or another, every year.


For those who have access to Washington Post.
It is not over yet:

PS> Nor did it bring “Democracy to the Middle East”


Pick your poison. War or Saddam. Things were rotten before and were bound to be afterwards.

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This is not a controversial statement. Most Americans I know, including many who, like myself, are military veterans and some who are still serving, agree.


it wasnt wrong intelligence it was totally fabricated.
Blair committed massive war crimes yet still not held accountable

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If Blair committed massive war crimes, what about George W Bush?
Blair followed the leader and none of them have been held responsible.

There is another unnecessary war going on right now, where one powerful nation make an unprovoked attack on a weaker nation, causing untold sufferings and numerous casualties (on both sided in this case)

At least the leader of the attacker nation has been indicted for war crimes by the ICC.
Not that it is likely to make any difference, since major powers don’t recognize the authority of the ICC.

PS> Arrest order only applies in ICC member countries, so visits to any other major power is no problem for accused war criminals. :slightly_frowning_face:

Blair was the leader, the USA went to war because Blair ( and Alister Campbell) invented the intelligence that substantiated the war.|

There is a movie about it.

From the quoted Wikipedia page:

Used to get the Parliament to approve BRITISH involvement, not the main reason for the US to go to war.

None of the various “proofs” presented at the UN managed to convince that body that this was a “just war”. (US, UK and a few followers went ahead anyway)

Sadam was a useful tool (or fool?) and “friend” when he started the war against Iran, but became an enemy when he attacked Kuwait, an important source of energy supply.

Why didn’t the US attack Saudi Arabia after 9/11?? After all, most of the terrorists and their leader(s) were from there. (None were from Afghanistan)


An article in The Economist this week:

You know the answer: oil

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Who could have guessed??

No need to get snippy. You asked. Or is that Norwegian humor?

And Bush and his cronies who filled their pockets with profits from military contracts. How much of that was a motivation?

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they all thank Blair who made up the reason to invade, most likely got a commission.
Although the story has a twist, that crook Cheney was all bitter and twisted over George H success in the CIA and then POTUS so Cheney used his son to get back at him.
Bush Snr also was dead against the war like the British public.

Blairs gaffe

Sorry, I did NOT intend that to be snippy. A bit sarcastic maybe?
My intention was to point at the hypocricy of it all.

BTW; In an earlier post I made a remark about the reason for Saddam going from “best friend” to becoming “enemy #1” in a matter of a few years; energy supply (Crude oil).

The reason for the 2nd Gulf War has been widely discussed, from the fanciful to the lunatic idea that it was because GW wanted to show his Father that he could complete the job.

PS> That Blair was the instigator, not the follower, falls into the first category.

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I’m not convinced future historians will record it that way. With a military force of over 2 million troops, the Bush administration was the one with the military and manufacturing might to pull it off and reap huge profits for the industrial military complex in the process. He didn’t appear to need much prodding at the time.
With fewer than 150 thousand troops and a fraction of the industrial power, Blair might have been head cheerleader but could not have pulled off the invasion on his own.

sure thats why he had to convince the USA and along came Cheney with his baggage, GW was just the guy in place at the time.
Remember this scandal, Scooter Libby should still be in prison ( clearly the Bush admin knew there were no WMD


The Valerie Plame affair was a smoking gun that qualifies as treason in my book.


yes, 100% treason which is the charge for disclosing an undercover agents ID.