1600 limited mate Vs. AB PIC

So i currently sail ABW on tankers with SIU doing 8-12 months when possible and with my 15/30 vacation rate I net around 70k-110k after tax each year. My question is whats the best option that will allow me to only work 6 months a year but keep netting 100k each year? I have a PIC that I haven’t used and wonder if I could do it that way or I was also looking at the 1600 limited (Near Costal) license since it only requires 720 sea days. And its probably worth mentioning that I have no intentions of hawspiping up all the ranks, Im just looking to at least match my 100k a year with 6 months sailing not sure how or which direction to take it so any advice is good. Thx!

550 a day even time rounds out at 100k a year, assuming no holiday pay and/or OT.

AB/tankermen at most of the companies running ATBs are making around that or close to it.

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That’s also assuming no taxes. He says 100k after taxes.

Well with that being said, wanna make more, work more.

If your usage of netting (after taxes) was correct, then you would need a day rate of around $800 on an even time rotation to net 100k.

There’s not many places I can think of where you could go to make that. I believe most AB - Tankerman are in the $450-$550 range, and with just 1600 Mate Near Coastal you might be slightly higher in the $500-$600 range.

If you were able to get your TOAR or DPO, then you could probably find something in the $550-$650 range.