$130k/yr., Requires Capt. license of some kind

Kind of a unique opportunity:

I don’t know if I’d have what it takes to fill the shoes of a ‘talented boatman’.

Interesting job but two things strike me when reading the story. $130k in San Fran (even living on this island) equates to minimum wage for the area. The other is that this has got trust fund yachtie written all over it. I’m going to pass.


And it’s split between two people. So it’s actaully $65,000 a year to live in a lighthouse and you have to take care of other people.

It’s really innkeeper with additional lighthouse duties plus ferrying guests.

Sounds like a damn near 24/7 jerb in a very expensive neck of the woods.

Even if I had the ticket and the patience, I’d pass

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I would assume that one of the biggest expenses living in the Bay Area would be cost of housing which you won’t be paying since you’ll be living at this inn. Also eating on the inn’s dime maybe?

As far as splitting the wages, yeah, I imagine an husband/wife…or rather a couple of whatever makeup being the ones to take this job. One as the ‘talented boatman’ the other as a talented purveyor of customer service.

Any idea what type of license this would require?

I’m guessing a six-pack.

Prolly right. It’s a glorified inn keeper position. The island is a stone’s throw away from Point San Pablo. Like being in Alcatraz but with nicer furniture and a boat to go pick up visitors with special needs.