USS COLE version 2


This is kind of interesting …

You have to wonder how long they watched this situation develop and who made the decision to take no defensive action.


The fishing vessel, if fishing, had the right of way according to COLREGS. I’m suprised you are so kind to the Navy CO, given your diatribes over in the WSF threads. I guess there’s no YouTube video to watch.

As far as defensive posture, I’m sure it was appropriate for the geographic area. ROKS new president is not completely pro American and shooting up a fishing boat would probably do us no favors with the skeptical Korean public especially given the current situation with the DPRK.


I’m not surprised that your ignorance of COLREGs and vessel operation in general lead you to make such a ridiculous statement. It also comes as no surprise that you have (in your own mind) analyzed the event and come to a conclusion as to fault.

Who said the fishing boat was fishing? It sounds like you have already decided who did what and why without the slightest evidence.

There is a lot of news from many sources concerning the collision and a reference to photos of the dent but those photos are nowhere to be found on the net.

Maybe when ferries have the legal right to take lethal action against any vessel not in compliance with the security zone around US Navy vessels in domestic waters you might have an argument. But until then this has nothing to do with the rogue driver of a WSF.

With regard to your final (I can only wish) paragraph, is there an echo here or what?


You better get your peepers checked old man (and maybe up your dose of Lithium). Here is what I wrote.

I’m pretty familiar with the COLREGS and Vessel operations and you’ll notice I assigned blame to no one. I merely trolled you (and your hypocrisy) and you bit. You seriously need a hobby.


Your ignorance of COLREGS is a reference to your slobbering rants about the WSF debacle.

At least you admit you are a troll. Is that your hobby or is it the only life you have? Don’t bother to answer that, I really don’t give a shit who or what you are or pretend to be.


Calm down. No use to get personal here.
The crew in the fishing boat was probably busy gutting their catch and the OOW on the navy ship checking his Facebook account.

I agree that to shoot up a Korean boat, whether from North or South Korea, would not be the smartest thing to do right now though.

BTW Does Navy vessels claim a safety zone of 500 m. when steaming in international waters??
If so, how does that work when an inattentive fishing boat, or WAFI, gets inside their zone, are they entitled to “blow them out of the water”?


As opposed to your eloquent posts on the subject? More hypocrisy, but that’s ok.

If I didn’t know better I would think you are a cyber bully.



Reports are that the ship was in Japanese waters, not international so if that is the case the rules of engagement are probably very foggy at best.

The Japanese probably would prefer that US Navy ships did not blow away any Koreans in their waters.

The question that should be asked is how did the fishing boat get that close anyway and why did the Champlain not avoid the situation? If it made evasive turns and the fishing boat changed course to intercept then maybe the rules of engagement would have allowed lethal defensive actions but if the Champlain did nothing other than make a lot of noise on the radio and toot its whistle then it’s another case of dipshit driving on both boats.