This is Singapore


Scotland have their Nessie, Singapore have their Bukit Timah monkey man:


Proudly presenting modern day Singapore:


Yes very modern. You must be so proud.


Yes very proud.
In Singapore they catch the culprits and bring them to justice quickly, no matter how rich and powerful they may be.


Maybe next they could catch a few of the crooks who deliver it to one’s ship? Although I grant you there is a certain amount of poetic justice in stealing direct from the refinery.


Have look in the Singapore Port thread about what is done to curb that problem:


yer… right
The most corrupt bunkerers on the planet if we took a poll?
The guys wait for a ship to leave singapore then its get pirated, funny how I dont ever remember a ship being pirated that rounded Singapore…
Then the fuel gets loaded on to a tug and it sails back into singapore to sell the fuel.
The other day they finally woke up to the fact that there are many tugboats in singapore that never go on hire yet move in the ports lots, thanks to AIS they have started to catch them.
Ask anyone Asia wide where they think the Mr Bigs of fuel piracy operate from.


I was master on a regular liner trade westbound Singapore then Port Klang was not so bad. Eastbound Port Klang then Singapore was a little more stressful because of the crossing situation and by this time I was a little short on sleep. Shenzhen and Shanghei on the same run were both ports with long standbys and periods of elevated blood pressure.