The Best Anchor Tattoos


I was sitting in the chair getting a piece done when a girl walked out and asked the Tattoo Artist what he thought about Tattoo Parties. He said “I love them” so after the girl walked away, I said that I was surprised with his answer. He laughed and said he makes a lot of money Fixing screwed up tats from parties so what’s not to like.

This guy works in a small shop and his prices are very reasonable. I found him after my Tattoo Guy moved back up north to follow his Ex-Wife and Kids. He wanted to be closer to his kids. Sucked for me as he did all of my ink up to then,


I have a frigging seahorse and it dates back to a drunken debauch in Gaeta, Italy. It’s so blurry and faded it looks like a cancerous growth…

At least he has the good taste to get an anchor…


[QUOTE=albertpachino;114024]What, did you not see the GF of member who already did this? WTF John, pay attention already! :cool:

Here’s the pic for those who missed it (look carefully!) :


Wow!!! She’s hot!


I like this one:


[QUOTE=“CaptSteve;114088”]I like this one:


perfect location


That’s nice one :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=cmjeff;114011]What’s the best anchor tattoo design?

An AB on my ship is getting an anchor tattoo and he showed me the book of designs. They’re all terrible. So, help the man out and share photos of your favorite anchor tattoos…[/QUOTE]


I just had a local artist draw this for me - it’s going on a t-shirt design and on my wall. He’s working on the traditional-style anchor that will go on my right arm after the next hitch.







Use Sailor Jerry for ideas only. Much better artists & machines than what he had are here now. My tattooer uses his [Jerry’s] sparrows as a template, but did much better line work than Jerry could.
Also, google search “true artists”, get some good ideas & find amazing artists near you.
Just be sure not to support scratchers.


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nice work.


[B]Here is one that my tattoo artist drew up last night.[/B]

And the one he did on me in April.[/B]


Found on





A new one. My “aka,” at least to dispatchers, other vessel operators and some members of my crew; also, and more importantly, the initials of my three children.


What are scratchers? And why not?


From Urban Dictionary:

An inexperienced, untalented, unclean and untrained tattooer. Though usually found working out of home kitchens, they have been known to find work in disreputable tattoo shops. The word “Scratcher” comes from the look of the, so called “tattoos”, they produce. Looking more like colored scratchs, than recognizable images.


You get what you pay for, do some research on local shops in your area or online to find a good artist that fits what you are looking for.



You get what you pay for, do some research on local shops in your area or online to find a good artist that fits what you are looking for.[/QUOTE]

Well said. I have over 100 hours of work done. And the one thing that people are so proud of when then see my work…is how cheap they got their tattoos done for. After sitting in the chair for so many hours, I always see people go straight for the flash. Flash is not what your tat is going to look like. You should be looking at the artists portfolios. Certain artists do certain styles of work. I prefer pin-up style artists like Joe Capobianco. If you like black and gray…research and find an artist that does the quality you like. Remember. …that thing is on you FOREVER…even if you get it “removed”, the scar is still there. Just sayin’.


Working on my Underwater Scene… Maybe an Anchor somewhere at the Bottom of the Ocean… I’m thinking Sunken Ship , Treasure chest,… Go Big or Stay at Home…


Here is my Sailor Jerry Anchor which is around 15 years old. I just recently added a Mermaid to it.