The Best Anchor Tattoos


You should have had them re-do that faded anchor…


[QUOTE=“Tugs;118222”]Here is my Sailor Jerry Anchor which is around 15 years old. I just recently added a Mermaid to it.


Nice rack!!!



You should have had them re-do that faded anchor…[/QUOTE]

That’s the plan. He wants to let the Mermaid heal then do the anchor. I might add some more color to it then also.



Just had this done 2 weeks ago. May add some background art soon.


I like the nautical star. I’ve been thinking about getting a couple of those.



Get some chain too!


A good place to secure a mermaid



For whatever reason the Android app rotated the pic


I LIKE the anchor chain. I just might have to incorporate that in some form or fashion! :slight_smile:


Not a tattoo, but I thought it noteworthy.



Ran across a couple of salty ladies at local waterfront bar…


I live in the wrong neighborhood.


I have a seahorse.

No, you don’t need to see it.


Yes sir. I have 11.5 hours into my arm as of now and still not done. 3 sessions so far, prob 1 more to go. Will post pics when I get a chance.





[QUOTE=catherder;125576]I have a seahorse.

No, you don’t need to see it.[/QUOTE]

Oh, Yes I do. I mean I really really need to see it . Pretty Please.


Any new tattoos or interesting images for this thread?


I’ve been debating getting my first, I feel compelled to get an anchor of some sort.


How about Kraken Tats. I’ve not seen a good one EVER. I’m seriously looking for something to morph into an original.



My name is Anja Buwert and I am working for a TV production company in Berlin (Germany). We are currently producing a documentary about tattoos for a German broadcaster. We are looking into the traditional nautical tattoos, what those motifs mean to the sailors and also how the tattoos and designs changed over the last years. We are especially searching for active seafarers serving on merchant/cargo ships or fishing trawlers etc. who would be interested in sharing their tattoo stories with us. If you know someone or if you have any suggestion who I should get in touch with, please drop me a line.

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