MMC application response time


How long after submitting an MMC application to the REC will it take to hear back from USCG?? Do they respond within a month a week a couple weeks?



Yes. This is an important topic. We need to shine as much daylight as possible on the NMCs inept bureaucratic bungling.


My last several times dealing with them they were lightening fast!


OP could have used the search button and found this thread.


In our case, it took 4 days from submission to receiving two emails (one for the ap, one for the medical) from the REC stating that they had received the application. About 5 hours later two more emails stating it had been sent to the NMC. This was an initial application for 100T.


I submitted a raise of grade application on 5/26 to the Toledo REC. On 5/29 I received an email saying it had been received by the REC and forwarded to the NMC. I did not receive any emails from the NMC on the rest of the application status updates. Today 6/15 I received my raise of grade stickers in the mail. Just over two weeks!