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Any grads or current students who can attest to what they’re like? After doing some brief research, I’ve heard that there’s ~500 students on board for each trip. Is that true? What is the living/sleeping situation like? How may people per room, etc?


Start by using the search function before posting questions. Most things have been discussed before and there is a lot of good information in prior posts.

Next, clearly state what you are asking.

Your question appears to ask about the cruises and conditions on some maritime academy training ship. The short answer is that: we taxpayers provide good conditions for the little darlings.




This was my recollection


Fairly typical fitness center.

Mess Facilities


Don’t forget, it’s “the head”, not a bathroom.


Jeezus!! What HOS boat has that fitness room?!?!


Not to be Marketing for the Black Horse but that is Todd’s “World Class Gym” on the Achiever. Almost up to Norwegian Standards.



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Yeah. Gotta wear your PPE, buddy. Read the MSDS. Make sure your escape routes are clear.