Enough with the Norwegian S***


Kumbaya to that…but it ain’t reality. Until then, I recommend a magazine fed rifle in caliber of your choice (I prefer .308/7.62mm) for every adult in the house and 1,000 rounds for each weapon.


1000 rounds is a range bag in Texas.


indeed…1,000 rounds is bare minimum…don’t want to overload his senses


Men like Max Manus.


Oh, don’t worry about me, I have listened to that kind of things for years, some I couldn’t even repeat here, but I’m sure you have worked with the same type of Rednecks as me.

I still stick to my belief that it is better to live in a country where you feel no need to arm yourself, even with a knife for protection.
So far I have been lucky, living in peaceful and safe Singapore and Norway I have never had any need for a gun. May that last for the rest of my life.


Yes, or like this fellow, who are still living right here in the neighbourhood in Aalesund, Norway: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-22298739

The WORLD owe him a gratitude. If Hitler had got the Bomb, the world as we know it could have been MUCH different.


It’s good that you’re a prayerful man because if the sh*t goes down, that’s the only protection you’ll enjoy.


Who bank rolls NATO?


Wow, that’s​ hilarious. Are you trolling or do you actually believe that crap?


Have you got any indication to the contrary?? If so, shear your knowledge with DNV-GL and ABS, they have classed most, if not all the Drillships and MODUs built in the last few years.

On second thought; let USCG know, they would probably love to be proven wrong when they have approved these units for work in US waters. (OK, that last is “trolling”)

As MWS I have approved several of them for passage from Singapore to GoM, or Brazil, via Cape in the winter season. If you are right, that these ships and rigs are badly constructed and maybe unseaworthy, I’m guilty of negligence.

Anybody that serve, or have served, on Drillships or rigs built in Korea or Singapore that would like to add their opinion here??


[quote=“Hawespiper, post:47, topic:44935, full:true”]
It’s good that you’re a prayerful man because if the sh*t goes down, that’s the only protection you’ll enjoy. [/quote]
Oh yes, from my days in the South Pacific I have been a true believer in the “Cargo Cult”, which worships the President of USA, praying for him to bring “Cargo” and for protection every day. (Or at least I did until fairly recently)


Glad to see the forum is getting back to normal :popcorn:


You do to a large extent, which is per the North Atlantic Treaty of 1949.
The other member states are supposed to spend at least 2% of their GDP on defence, which is not the case for many members.
But nobody “owe” US any money as their NATO contribution. That is another Trump “alternative fact”:


In the ninetees I worked on container vessels built in Germany - Bremer Vulkan, Sietas, Warnow Werft - and I must admit that they were building cheaper and cheaper over the years. If looking alongside the outer hull you saw the frames coming through like a top models rib cage. End of the century owners and banks found the Korean yards more appropriate for their needs and almost all new and constantly growing containerships were built there. I personally attended that in Okpo, Koje-do.
The ships were much more stable and seaworthy than the German built vessels and all the best appliances like MAN engines, Boll & Kirch filters, Alfa Laval purifiers, Norcontrol software etc. were implemented. My latest vessel was CMA CGM VELA

built in Korea. Strong, trustworthy and fast. 95.000 hp. I spent my last three years on that vessel and I do not regret one day.


OOPS, you dented somebody’s “pre-existing” perception here;
German good, Korean BAD. You will pay for this indiscretion.


20 years in the biz - all of it offshore. Obviously you’ve been shore side support. Dealing with a turn key new build is interesting - once they leave the yard and the commissioning team get their bonus, little else is discussed about that particular vessel. You don’t see what goes on after. Congrats on throwing out some short sighted and superficial facts. 40 years in the business? I’m embarrassed for you - but to finally end this particular thread - sure ombugge - as per usual, you are right. Of course you are. Buenos Noches and good luck with that.


A statue of Joachim Ronneberg has been placed centrally outside the City hall in Aalesund:

And a statue of me in my young days as a paper boy is situated in the main walking street in town:

Modesty made me show this from the back only.


Fitting as I’m sure that’s the view the old men of that fine city were most familiar with anyway.

(Sorry… Couldn’t resist…)


Having worked with many nationalities I personally find Norwegians the best to work with, most of the ones I’ve met have been quietly spoken, polite and very intelligent, they get the job done like professionals without talking any shit. On closed social environments like ships these are the perfect qualities you look for, the worst kind are loud mouth idiots that get on everyone’s nerves.


NAH! you’re not fooling me…this is the real statue of YOU waving the Norwegian flag which you seem to relish doing endlessly

I imagine it is hard going through life as a genuine troll but you don’t have to hide the real YOU…you needn’t worry, we already know.