Deflating DaBugge's bloated ego


It’s not that difficult to understand him.

Take your perspective of south Louisiana as a Washington native.
Step #1: Expand that opinion to a larger view point, except you are now in Norway and the perspective is Americans as a whole.

Just like magic; You just transformed into Dabugge in one simple step.

How do you manage such an ego? You don’t. You just enjoy the debate and not put too much stock in every little thing since most are opinions from a different perspective of your own.


I don’t know why you mix the Danes into this, they are innocent.
If I haven’t said it before I’ll repeat it now. The Soviets won the war in Europe and defeated Hitler.
The turning point in the war was the battle of Stalingrad, which involve more Divisions and Armies on both sides than Supreme Allied Commander General Eisenhower ever had under his command at any time during the entire war.

Soviet forces at Stalingrad counted over 1.14 Mill. man, of which nearly 0.5 Mill. was killed in this battle alone. The Germans Axis had a nearly equal force, incl. Romanians, Italians, Croatians and others. Axis losses was even greater in men, but the Soviets lost more in material, VERY little of which was supplied by America.
Here is more on the Battle for Stalingrad for those who wants to know the facts:


Well, I hope that when it comes again (notice I said when not if) we stay on our side of the pond and let you PROVE how superior you are to the rest of us. When this war comes it will most likely be very very short and you will be learning a new language!


Doubtful about the when part, especially in the near future. Europe is making great business with Russia. Look into their reaction to the latest round of sanctions on the Nord Stream pipeline and you can see where they stand. If there is a war it will be because we started it and I wouldn’t count on NATO being there to help.


Well, working with Coona**es and Rednecks for many years MAY have coloured my views to some extent, but I have also worked with Americans of much different calibers and in other settings then on the boats and rigs.

Having been an avid consumer of News from varied sources since fairly young and having seen some events first hand, I consider myself fairly well balanced, not a “left wing commie lover”, or whatever else I have been characterised (Or caricature) as by some on this forum.

How much stock y’ll want to put into my opinion and the facts and information from other sources I quote, is of course entirely up to each individual, but I can assure you it is not based on reading Breitbart, or watching Fox News exclusively.


If there is another war it will be VERY SHORT indeed. Which side of the pond you are is not going to make much difference.

Nobody will have time to learn a new language, or any need to. Who are you going to talk to when everything is dead, except maybe the cockroaches?

Maybe they will start a new cycle of evolution and take over as the dominant species on earth?
Let’s hope they are better at it than the present hegemon species.


I believe it would be best if you were to stay out of this thread Herr Bugge…it is bad form for you to be participating in a discussion of you.

every time you get going on a thread you try to take control of it and the subject of the discourse…please try not to do that in this one

just sit and read what others say about you and your contributions to this forum and you might learn a thing or two. It has been done concerning my participation here and I sat quiet to see what other person’s views here. I actually enjoyed it since the majority were supportive at the same time while being critical


As a general reply, let me first thank my friend and adversary c.captain for starting this thread in my “honour”.

Secondly, I appreciate the comments of support, here and in other threads at time.
I admit, as I have done several times before, that I deliberately provoke a times to get a spirited argument going. In my experience, that is how you get people to think about things in a more informed way. If you only hear one side of a case, or only one opinion (preferably one that tally with your own) it is hard to learn anything new.

For those who only see attack on America and all things American, I can only say again;
I’m NOT ANTI-AMERICAN, but I’m against hypocrisy and ill informed attack on other posters.
I’m also not a Norwegian chauvinist, or exclusively Norwegian patriot.

Having lived away from Norway most of my life I am able to see things different from most Norwegians and I do see things I don’t like with the way Norwegians think about the rest of the world, especially people of other races among a segment of the population.
It is in many ways the same as in America, that people with a different skin colour, or different religion and culture are automatically “dangerous” and should stay away.
With the new reality that people are able to move between countries and continents with relative ease, it is a fact of life that you will find that your neighbour does NOT look like, think like or eat like you.

Having lived in a multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religious country for nearly 50 years and worked worldwide, with people of all nationalities and level of education, I have no problem with this. But I can see that for those who have lived all their life in a homogeneous society, it is scary.

I try to put these things into perspective, when I can, but my weak written Norwegian prohibit me from participating in the Norwegian debate, hence you have to suffer my opinions.


OOOPs, I didn’t see your advise before I posted my last.
Can I at least comment on thing like the second world war and other subject that has nothing to do with my person??


no you may not…WWII is not germane to the subject of this thread


Are you going to become a purist now and not allow a thread to evolve into every which way?


for this thread I am…sorry


Caesar’s ghost. The US is not a homogeneous society. It never ever has been. Xenophobes are world-wide-everywhere, including Singapore. You should have seen the looks I got walking through Little India by myself in broad daylight. All I wanted was a bowl of curry, you would of thought I had come to corrupt all their children and livestock. I spent a couple of days last week trying to convince someone (who has never been to the US) that the n-word isn’t a cutesy-funny thing English speakers just use willy-nilly to refer to a specific skin tone. I blame ‘edgy’ stand-up comics whose material has gotten onto the world wide webs. I reckon no-one is more vulgar than Canadians in their day-to-day speech… but we still don’t spread that word around like it’s government peanut butter. Jesus wept. Anyway, its probably a good thing that my neighbours don’t eat like me. Speaking of homogeneous… mmm peanut butter. Why can’t you export that part of the culture? Every day I look at the Nutella, and I think: I miss my friend.


Peanut Butter, the best thing mentioned in this thread.


Homogeneous was in refr. to Norway. USA is a melting put but somehow segregated by railway tracks, inner city vs. suburbs etc.
Hyphenated ethnicity was also mentioned in another thread. How many generations to go from hyphenated to “true blue” American??

PS> Unless you are black of course, in which case you will still be “African-American” forever.


why are you still here?

well I realize that I can’t stop you but I sure wished Fraqrat was able to join us in this discussion…hopefully he will be back soon to edify us on his views of our favorite Norske “sunnmoring” pickled herring and salted cod tongue eating friend.


I don’t want to go off on a WW2 political tangent but you can’t isolate the battle on the Eastern front. Stalin and Hitler had a pact before Hitler betrayed him. The only thing preventing Stalin from continuing to push west at the end was the (reluctant) US presence in Western Europe. If the US had not come to the aid of Great Britain and liberated Western Europe, either Hitler or Stalin would have ended up ruling the entire region.


hey everybody! I have found simply the perfect gift for our Norwegian bud…let’s all pool our money and buy him his own blimp?

he can emblazon his face on it and fly the Norske flag…then he can hang a giant megaphone underneath it and then fly over the entire USA yelling at us from his elevated position how we are all so backwards and misguided and that we must all follow him to true Scandinavian enlightenment!

or the Air Force can shoot his ass down in flames to a fiery death.

Of course there is the issue of having enough gas to fill the thing but somehow I doubt our chum would have too difficult of a time producing it.


All that was agreed at Jalta, where the US and Soviet Union divided Europe between them, separating Germany into a US and a Soviet zone. (Later to become “independent” East and West Germany)

USSR withdrew from Northern Norway, (which they had liberated already in 1944) and from strategically important Bornholm in 1946, as agreed.

Wants to know more? Here is a Wiki page:

BTW; They also occupied North Korea, but withdrew in 1948.


Why wast money on a blimp??
I’ll send you my bank account number and put the money to better use.