Costa Concordia Captain's Sentence Upheld by Italy Court


Part two of Unsafe at any draft in Splash 24/7 today:


On Dutch TV is at the moment a program called Mindf*k presented by an illusionist. Even more popular is a YouTube blogger who after each program shows how it is done. They are not particularly happy with this but they cannot do anything about it except grit their teeth, The guy explains how he does it by saying that you should not pay attention to what the illusionist does but on which he does not focus his attention.


But hasn’t be been claiming in court, under oath, that he did do some steering into shallow water?

Perhaps he’s committed perjury under oath by lying about this, maybe the Italian authorities never picked up this, if they do maybe we can get him a few more years in jail, the more time he spends locked up the better the justice is for the 33 people that were killed by his ego.


In Europe (I think in Italy too), only a witness or an expert must (if needed) testify under oath.

The accused cannot testify under oath, he may refuse to speak, tell the truth or tell outright lies. However, if he charges another person, and it is a proven lie, then this is a new delict.


It is a pity Schettino is now in jail. I had hoped he could be a guide in “The Francesco Schettino passenger ship wreck museum” at Genoa - .

But there is a problem. The wreck has disappeared!


The demolition of Costa Concordia has been completed:
With that and Capt. Schettino jailed for 15 years this saga is over, or is it??
Nobody from Costa’s shorebased management has been held responsible for anything, which is not fair.