Are you professional enough to post on "gCaptain"?


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So far the only Monday Morning Quarterbacking has come from you in your really hopelessly lame attempt to trash the crew who saved your ass.

Everyone else here has simply told you in many ways that you are an idiot and the creator of the situation you are ranting about. You were ignorant and unfit and your toy boat was unseaworthy because of your incompetence.

Your condemnation of your past and probable future rescuers is based purely on your own ignorance and incompetence.

Rather than wallow in the mud here you should write a book on how large ships should rescue WAFIs on the high seas. Turn your rage into a teaching exercise, add another chapter to the marine safety literature. Maybe the IMO and CG will award you a medal for improving safety at sea.


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you surely will not want anyone holding up a Risk Assessment graphic to show you why they will just continue to take pictures of you drowning.
[/quote]. This is a recording.

Nobody. Nobody. Not professional merchant mariners. Not the Coast Guard. Not pararescumen. Not land based structural firefighters.

Has an obligation to place themselves in an unreasonably dangerous position to rescue you.

And yes. Launching a lifeboat in many cases is an unreasonable hazard to have people in. Especially in the weather conditions you were in.


Bet you I’m wearing my immersion suit with a proper lifejacket and am willing to do anything to stay alive without complaining. I may have not spent “50 years” on boats for fun, but I know when to take my ball and go home.



Ohhhhhhh no you didn’t @cchick001 . I should flag this for the trauma and PTSD you’ve triggered in every parent of a little girl on this forum! LOL


I was rather proud of this! I kept it clean! I was considering something much, much worse!


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yeah, that wx has palm trees and cadillac margaritas written all over it.


Healthy response:

Ships don’t retrieve lifeboats in ten foot seas.

Ships do not tow lifeboats astern.

Ships do not recover lifeboats with ships crane in ten foot seas.

Since you cannot accept these facts is the reason people are calling you names.

You are a narcissistic douchebag. No one is listening to you because you are ignorant AND you don’t listen.

Continue your ambition to be President, you asshole.

Yes, you are an asshole.






Now that’s been cleared up. On to the crux of your posts: that SOLAS lifeboats should be used as rescue craft.

As some, including me, have said here the idea has merit if conditions permit. It’s been done before. The operative part is “if conditions permit.”

The person who gets to decide if conditions permit is the captain of the rescue vessel. No one else. If that captain decides against it then that’s it.

The picture of the KJ shows the SOLAS boat would be recovered under the stern tumblehome. For several reasons that’s a dangerous place owing mostly to the fact that the boat tends to slip under the deck plates where it can be crushed under the strakes if the ship rolls or the seas smash it in there.

Given that the davit is a typical gravity davit it’s reach is just a few feet outboard. Given that there are seas the ship would either be rolling in them if the ship were dead-in-the-water or the boat would certainly be drawn under the tumblehome if the ship were making way.

As you were in a PFD your life wasn’t in immediate risk. You survived in the water for a few hours so the water itself wasn’t an immediate danger. You were certainly scared and uncomfortable but not at death’s door.

Given these conditions as I understand them the choice I would have made would not be to launch the SOLAS lifeboat.


what a miserable little pipsqueak of a man you are…no wonder you hate the whole world

I’d hate it too if I were so small

sorry to all for not being able to resist this mean spirited jab…however since he’s proven himself impervious to conventional weapons…seriously, what court on the planet would convict me?


Good Morning Reasonable Humans and @DougSabbag

I just thought I’d offer some advice that we can all keep in mind. You know, for the sake of learning how things could be done better. A wise man once said:

The upward buoyant force that is exerted on a body immersed in a fluid, whether fully or partially submerged, is equal to the weight of the fluid that the body displaces and acts in the upward direction at the centre of mass of the displaced fluid.

So as long as the mass of the displaced water is the same as the mass of your vessel, you will fall into the ‘partially submerged’ category, also sometimes referred to as floating. This is the desired state, and is best achieved by keep things water-tight. So, if you just keep that one thing in mind, you wont have any more problems.

You’re welcome!

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Grazie tanti Medici Galvani.


been wondering where you were. thanks for finally joining the party.