Are you professional enough to post on "gCaptain"?





So how are things way out West anyways?


Oh, Still beautiful out here. Trending up at the moment thank God!


How’s tricks?


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He’s good about that.

Well I taught another radar course, four more people running up and down the rivers have a good basic idea of how one of those fancy things can help them out.

Doing a two week temp job on the DCL next week for somebody doing military reserve duty so that pays the September bills without sucking down what little there is left in savings.

Oh yeah today is the one year anniversary of my lay off.

But tomorrow is my wife’s birthday so that’s very cool.


That’s good news for you! Any work on those big beasties offshore is good these days. Things may be picking up - but very, very slowly. I hanging in there, looking at options, trying stuff out. Like I said, things on this end are trending up. We’ll see how it all works out.


Scram - go campaign somewhere else.

  1. You failed to properly plan for your voyage

  2. You wanted transport for your wife because she was uncomfortable/afraid but not in distress

  3. Your boat was not crippled and was able to make way - just not as fast as your wife would have liked

  4. You used a distress system when you were admittedly not in distress

  5. That you, and you alone, created the conditions that led to the destruction of your boat.

As the master of your vessel YOU are responsible for your crew and boat and whatever conditions they may end up in. No one else. YOU imperiled your wife. YOU destroyed your boat. YOU became the responsible party the moment you got underway.

I’m sure your lawyer told you the same thing. I’m sure the insurance company’s lawyers told you the same thing. I’m sure your boating community told you the same thing. This community of mariners has sure told you the same thing.

There is some good here: that others may learn from your poor example and not repeat your mistakes.


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And with that and this, time to shut her down.


Nice! Should I go Five Finger Death Punch on his ass or is that just too childish and crude?


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Read my post moron … you could have bypassed the cooler and maneuvered to the best position to assist in your own rescue. "

Where do you see anything about “alongside”?

You have a canny knack of manipulating other posts in your bizarre attempt at blaming the people who saved your ass.

Are you some kind of masochist or is there no place else people listen to you? Do you figure getting laughed at and called an idiot is better than your real life offline? Don’t answer, those were rhetorical questions, I don’t give a shit and probable few others do either. Just go away.


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They won’t. That’s the point of those risk matrix "thingies " that you so quickly trash. Bad things happen. Good crews that are well trained mess up. Well trained and competent officers still collide in the English Channel. Advanced warships get run down by container ships (exactly how that went down I’m still unsure of, but am eagerly awaiting investigation results that may be a long time in coming). The ocean has a vote on things. That’s why, on your initial proposal of using a life saving appliance (that also has enough history behind it that the agency mandating we carry them also sees fit to constantly warn us of the hazard involved simply in testing them) to assist in a rescue had several opposing viewpoints.


Best thread in months!!! F this WAFI


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