Are you professional enough to post on "gCaptain"?


Guy! I train once a week to abandon ship and bring both my immersion suit and lifejacket with me. That is how seriously I take my JOB! Think of it like you leaving your house without your wallet. Or forgetting to pay your tab at the yacht club.

I cannot control the weather or the mishmash of circumstances in an error chain, but I can endeavor to recognize where it is going wrong. Your moment was when you realized there was a major mechanical malfunction with your vessel yet YOU decided to try and “sail” to the Azores. 50 years on boats and you thought you could tackle the North Atlantic with no backup plan? Too many years at sea have taught myself and the rest of the professionals lurking these halls we call gCaptain to know that the inconvenient decision is almost always the right one when it comes to making it home safely to our loved ones.

Now I reiterate my initial STFU and also thank cchick001 for the multimedia Sunday feast. Well, except the Frozen stuff. Seriously, for those of us with kids it is a kick in the nuts to see it here…


Seriously. And oh what a party it has been. Truly a day of rest, religion, and quiet reflection…


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as much as I feel it my duty in life to monitor these threads and maintain my battery ready to be the first to fire when a battle is joined…can’t a guy get a chance to escape into the hills to commune with nature sans being connected?

it was quite odd though coming back and finding this thread reignited and even more so to find our good friend Doug Douchesabbag back to torment the quiet masses until they revolted. Glad I made it back in time to set fire to the little shit


Ya gotta give it to the guy, he might be stupid but he certainly never gives up…unfortunately


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And no, c.captain I was talking about our friendly neighborhood Presidential Candidate here blessing us with his presence. Not you.


I’m sure she doesn’t, but she probably doesn’t have quuuiiittte as many as you at the same time in such a little craft.


I know I’m glad. we held up the fort but it just isn’t the same.
now chief fraq needs to chime in when he’s finished with his obm transfer and things will be back to normal.


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I don’t think it worked (even the Frozen stuff! Sheesh!) cuz he’s BACK!


and in the eyes of all my fellows here you remain a miserable little shit who we all want to launch into space where in the vacuum, none of us would ever hear your screams

and let me just say for myself that I personally have come to utterly hate you. your presence here is an abomination and something I find repugnant and offensive. you and your words here emit a horrible odor which sickens me to the core. if somehow you ended up desperate for salvation someday in the future, it would not bother me in the slightest to learn that nobody came to your aid. I’d say that you deserved what you got because of how you have portrayed yourself here in this forum where you are an outsider who must pick a fight with everybody and their brother because you are so bitter and spiteful (which is a hallmark of small men)

I truly am beginning to wonder if such a miserable unhappy person such as yourself really has any friends at all?


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Hey! Did you guys catch the latest episode of Game of Thrones tonight? IT WAS EPIC!


it definately rivaled the battle of the bastards. it was intense!


I have been WAITING for that girl to take one of her pets and do that to some bad guys over in Westeros for YEARS!


He’s as much of a pox on this forum as Cajaya… oh crap… now she’ll join the discussion too.


Was that the chick that was talking about negative ions and earthing?


I fear you two have woken a sleeping giant.


Is winter really coming or is it getting stupid hot?!?