Another upgrade question thread


Yes, which is what you would need to do to get STCW. But tug’s question is whether or not a 200 GRT national license is good on a vessel that doesn’t have a GRT measurement. No STCW is required, but will CG allow a 200 GRT license to operate a 500 GT vessel that doesn’t require STCW?


If you have STCW II/1 & II/3 with OICNW not more than 500 GT, then you may have (perhaps you were grandfathered into it) quite a bit of STCW.

I have no idea what you might have to do to get STCW II/2 not more than 3000GT, but I suspect all those new (6?) courses that became required a year ago, plus Leadership & Management, GMDSS, Medicare Provider, Advanced Fire, and some others. While ARPA and ECDIS are theoretically optional, Many employers will expect you to have them.


What STCW codes?


Good point. Technically the word CFR only exempts vessels less than 200 GRT, not less than 500 GT, so I’m not sure if they even are exempted. If they are I’m not sure how to be eligible to work on them with only a 200 GRT domestic license.


Some newer tugboats are measured under 100 GRT so that they don’t even need MMCs for any of the crew except the master and mate.


I forgot to mention that I do have the leadership and management cert.

my codes are II/3; VI/1; VI/2; VI/5; VI/6


There’s Master/Mate less than 500 GT so at least you have that covered.


Since March 24, 2014, national endorsements (licenses) other than Mate and Master OSVC have used only GRT, and since that date, all STCW endorsements have been in GT only.

See also 46 CFR 10.232(i):
Tonnage equivalency. For the purpose of parts 10, 11 and 12, 200 GRT will be considered equivalent to 500 GT, and 1,600 GRT will be considered equivalent to 3,000 GT.

Grandfathering for STCW expired January 1, 2017.


A moment of your time Mr. Cavo,

Is it still applicable to request the 3000 ITC endorsement with the upgrade to 500grt Master NC or is there a requirement for that additional endorsement I’m not aware of ? Thanks.


You can apply for an STCW endorsement as Master Less Than 3,000 GT while holding or applying for a license as Master Less Than 500 GT. Master Less Than 3,000 GT is the STCW endorsement that corresponds to the license as Master Less Than 500 GRT. But since grandfathering has expired, youi’ll need courses and assessments that were not required before January 1, 2017.


Well, after reading all of the info provided you’re definitely, without a doubt correct that the national route is the way to go. All of the courses and assessments are just going to be a distraction at this point to go the STCW route.


To mke sure I’m looking at the correct checklist , would the equivlent be:



That’s the title of the correct checklist. The current version is here.

On that checklist, see Note 2 under “Assessments.” If you have never held an STCW endorsement for Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch for 500 GT or More (STCW II/1) , you’ll also need to meet the requirements for that endorsement on this checklist.


Thank you for the info. I shall now proceed to slam my head into a wall multiple times.