Working Foreign?

Wilhelmsen may use some Norwegian or Scandinavian Senior Officers (especially Masters and Chief Eng.) on ship owned by them (Wallenius Wilhelmsen) but otherwise many Indian officers, I believe:

They have a Ship Management office in Pasadena Tx.:
Not sure if they manage any US flag ships at the moment.

I find that ships with a crew of mixed nationalities works best. Maybe because I have worked on such ships and rigs myself and never missed a all Norwegian crew.

BTW: I remember inspecting an American owned, Vanuatu flag OSV, where the Master was Filipino, the Ch. Mate American, 2nd Mate Indonesian the Chief Eng. Polish, 1st Eng. Russian and the 2nd. Eng. Ukrainian, with an Indonesian and Pinoy crew. A happy and well run vessel. (I checked my report)

PS> The surprise was to find an American on board at all. Not too many times that happen these days.

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Thanks for all the helpful replies, everyone! Funnily enough, I first posted this thread on Saturday, and when I went into the hall again on Monday, I was there when a 3/M slot came through on a RRF turbo activation. So I just got back from my first job, ha. I’m definitely going to keep all of these things in mind, however, in case the union does dry up.

The boom industry within the shipping world is Cruise. Several new ships are entering service every year in all segments of the business, from Mega ships to small Expedition ships for the more adventurous and anything in between.

The latest entry is “Mein Schiff 6” now preparing to leave from the building yard in Finland:

Here is her main specs:

I specially noted this comment:

They obviously don’t discriminate on nationalities.

There may not be many Americans among the marine crews on cruise ships at the moment, but it may be a good entry level for young American officers fresh out of the Academies?

Will time on a foreign flag ship count toward license upgrade for a USA citizen.

Example: 3rd sails as a 3rd on foreign flag ship under “foreign license”. Comes back to USA and applies for 2nd using foreign time. Will this be approved?

Yes. Foreign seatime counts.

You don’t get a “foreign license” when sailing on foreign ships, you get an “endorsement”, or a confirmation that your national license is recognized by the flag state to which the vessel belong.

See 46 CFR 10.232(f):

(f) Foreign sea service. (1) Experience and service acquired on foreign vessels is creditable for establishing eligibility for an original or renewal of an officer, rating, or STCW endorsement, subject to evaluation by the Coast Guard to determine that it is a fair and reasonable equivalent to service acquired on merchant vessels of the United States with respect to grade, tonnage, horsepower, waters, and operating conditions. This experience and service is also creditable to meet recency requirements.
(2) Experience and service acquired on foreign vessels while holding a valid U.S. endorsement is creditable for establishing eligibility for a raise of grade of an officer, rating, or STCW endorsement, subject to evaluation as specified in paragraph (d)(1) of this section. This experience and service is also creditable to meet recency requirements.
(3) An applicant who has obtained qualifying experience on foreign vessels must submit satisfactory documentary evidence of such service (including any necessary official translation to the English language) in accordance with paragraph (a)(1) and (a)(2) of this section.

James D. Cavo
U.S. Coast Guard
Mariner Credentialing Program
Policy Division (CG-MMC-2)

This may be of interest to anyone here who are looking for a job on non-US ships:
This merger will create a Ship Management company with a very diverse fleet, which open opportunities for people of all nationalities.

OSM is taking over crew management for KOSAN’s Gas tankers world wide:

OSM is an equal opportunity employer with offices in USA.

Odfjell Tankers are moving their technical management from Singapore to Bergen, Norway and are looking for new staff:
Any nationality, fluent in English.

What cruise line did you sail with?

Wilhelmsen Ship Management is opening an office in UK to tap into the pool of human resources in Southampton and beyond:

Has anyone here ever worked on German ships/tugs?

I have a very good working knowledge of the German language and I want to work in Hamburg or along the Rhein River.