Working for a registry?

Was wondering how hard it is to work for a shipping registry? Do they hire Americans? Anyone have any advice?

Most of them (flag of convenience registries) are owned by Americans, based on America, and run by Americans so I expect they hire Americans…

I know people who have worked for a registry in their previous employment. They are a mix of Americans and Resident Aliens.

They cannot actually be “owned” by Americans since the registry itself is a foreign governmental agency. They may be managed by American companies contracted to do so but this is actually only a couple. Most have little presence in the US in terms of an office or staff but will have agents here who basically are independent contractors for business development to sign companies and register vessels.

Some non-IACS class societies also act as the registry agents and will court owners to sign with a specific registry.

Yes, I was referring specifically to the flag of convenience registries.

I got that, there is no reason a closed registry would have any presence in the US. Still though, there are a lot of FOCs but few with any real presence in the US.

Two of the world’s top 3 registries are based in Virginia. Liberia and Marshall Islands.

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I know several Americans that work in the offices of non-US ship registries here in the US. They like it and seem to be doing well.

Wow, that’s interesting that those 2 registries are located in Va. There must be a good amount of US citizens working in them. Thanks for that information.
Im sure though the people there are all high licensed people, probably difficult starting out.

! Get ready for low pay, chicken every day and forget about the jones act! I hear its a great way to get rid of your spouse take a cruise !

What makes you think it’s low pay?

from people Ive known who sailed have gone that route. But they worked third world. I will retract that statement. There are many that pay more than U.S. registry. I hope thats allowed on this forum :slight_smile:

I’m fairly certain the OP was asking about literally working for a shipping registry (in the office), not sailing on a foreign flag ship.

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African sovereign nation
Populated almost exclusively by people of color

Liberian Flag shipping
Based in Northern Virginia
Run by two Jewish brothers

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So all Flags are run by private companies? So any country can hire a company to create and run a Flag?