Work / Rest regulations and actual work hours aboard ship

US flag vessels in international trade are almost all required to be STCW complaint which means they meet MLC rest hours requirements.

Nearly all coastwise tankers do this now. Two 3M, day working CM, dayworking Bosun.

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Fine by me. Second Mate is the best job on the ship. :joy:


Two third mates and day working CM here, but no pumpman and bosun is a watchstander

No pumpman?? Then who does all the greasing!

The same crew that loads the fuel :laughing:

Oh geez. Always worth the entertainment!

Mates grease the pumps on rounds quarterly and deck machinery/valves are monthly by the Bosun/ABs.

Oh you have to do the bunkers to! So that’s who you work for lol. Man that’s the worst.

It’s always helpful to the work/rest hours in the middle of a port stay!

If only there was a whole department that could do it instead!