Will KP Shut down sea year?

I have heard rumors of that but often wondered why the rapist wasn’t prosecuted. I have known some strange characters sailing, but most were just weird. I relieved a first engineer once who said in his relief notes there were plenty of movies to watch in the desk. All were hard core porno. There was also a full poster of Rod Jeremy on the back of the door for the head which interfered with my relaxing time taking a dump. On another occasion I was on a US gov. vessel with a strange chief steward. He was a great cook and menu planner but female members of the crew started complaining he kept finding their undergarments left in the dryer that they didn’t remember sending to the laundry. Both characters were good at their jobs but I wouldn’t want to introduce them to my sister.


The first company I worked for was a mom & pop inland pushboat company with 10 boats. They hired an excon who did 15 yrs & who was also gay. No one cared about his past or him being gay because he did a good job, could hump wires, ratchets & straps and knew how to build tow. He worked there for 5+ years but made some aggressive passes toward a new 18 yr old deckhand & was fired as soon as the owner heard about it. No way in hell was the owner of that company was going to lose a penny in a lawsuit over bullshit like that.

I support the US Jones Act fleet & US shipping but if it can’t kick the sexual harassment & sexual assault culture that keeps being reported on it’s going to have a demise sooner than we already feared. No company or industry can survive if it is considered to have a rape or misogyny culture. It’s indefendable.


I don’t understand why this is only focused on KP. Yes, I get that they go out for a much longer time than the other academies, and they send more cadets, so law of probabilities. But why do none of the state schools talk about suspending cadet shipping?

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25 years & I’ve only sailed with state academy cadets. Do the state academies send their cadets to the same vessels as KP? If so, what percentage? I think KP has a favorite industry or types of vessels where they send their cadets. Maybe KP shouldn’t send their female cadets to the sub-industry or companies that are notorious for sexual harassment & sexual assaults?

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I don’t think there’s any difference in what ships any of the cadets go on.

I’ve been on Matson ships with CMA, KP, Traverse City, Maine and even Webb cadets, my understanding is that Matson no longer wants cadets, that may be incorrect, but that’s what I’ve heard

My understanding is that vessels enrolled in the MSP program must take KP cadets over all others. A priority system based on taking uncle moneybags money.

As far as which ships they go on. First sailing cadets typically go dry cargo, Ro-Ro, and pre-po. Second sailing cadets go to tankers and MSC. That is what I have surmised over the years anyway.

As far as the one suggestion to grade the companies or vessel’s on some sort of likelihood of sexual misconduct probability. That is not a solution at all. There is no reason that cadets should not be afforded all of the rights and protections that everyone else who sails enjoys. There shouldn’t be one ship in the entire US fleet that is known to have a high probability of sexual misconduct will happen onboard. No excuse.

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That is my understanding & I heard it broken down that way by cadets almost to the exact wording you used.

Also, I heard cadets say training vessels are almost always picked with higher paying & the most comfortable vessels/industry getting preference above all else. I know the whole US maritime industry doesn’t have a rape/misogyny culture. I’ve worked on a research vessel that had more women than men on it. I worked on a GoM OSV for a couple of weeks 20 years ago & I was the only male. These cases of rape & sexual harassment on cadets aren’t happening on research vessels, tugs, construction vessels, drill ships & OSV’s as far as I can tell.

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You were on an all female OSV? Were they cool or a bunch of jerks to you?

I think it was on the Lewis Tide & besides the makeup of the 6 person crew no memorable oddities. That company had a lot of diversity & most people floated around with no permanently assigned vessels at that time. That publically traded OSV company had a bunch of bullshit with it but racism & sexism was mostly stamped out a decade previous from what I could tell. Definitely no sexual assaults that I remember. It had a few female captains, a couple female C/E’s, a few African American captains & more African American C/E’s than I can remember. If a cadet who chose to go to a large OSV company was harassed it was because of their superior education or because of where they lived & not based on race, gender or sexual preference. Also, smarter captains & engineers got the cadets. Dummy boats weren’t assigned cadets because they didn’t have anything to teach or pass on.

The female cadets should band together & the seniors should tell the younger female cadets where the misogynists & rapists congregate. Stay off the rape ships.


I’ve never worked for Jaskson Offshore but have a long time friend who works there & he says it’s great. He’s a father & grandfather to females, very professional & won’t tolerate any sexism or racism. Jackson Offshore is also a minority owned company & I’m damn sure they weeded out any racists & misogynists on day 1. Being a cadet on an OSV sucks but if I had to choose between rolling the dice on sailing on a misogynists/rapist ship or taking a safer bet on a Jackson Offshore OSV I’d go with the OSV.

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Yep, like you said, on the “smarter” and or more professional crews.

Yea but the problem is everybody can say that. I work for Maersk or I work for Polar or I work for OSG or I work for a Crowley and it’s great and I’ve never seen anything happen. But it only takes the one piece of shit on one ship in the fleet.


I read the account in the article referenced by the OP. I have never worked for Maersk so I am not familiar with the ships they brought under US Flag. Apparently it has a pool. On the night in question according to the account all four of the ship’s engineers were drinking. I guess no one had the duty.

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If female cadets were being sexually harassed & assaulted on tugs, ATB’s, OSV’s & drill ships it would have been reported. If a person had the desire & time they could go back 5-10 years, compile a chapter of a half dozen of these horror stories from these female cadets & see what type of vessels, companies & unions are harboring these misogynists rapists. We can dance around the subject all day but we all read the same reports & know where this shit is happening.

I agree, but my point was you can’t paint a whole company, good or bad, based off of one persons experience. I’m sure your friend is a great person and takes care of everybody the right way, but who is he to say the whole company is the same?


That’s true, it’s the year after year of this shit where I & others are painting from. All the measures put in place to protect cadets & KP considering canceling sea year isn’t because of a bad apple or two. How in the hell does this shit keep happening!?! I know this, I lost hope in it. I’m tired of hearing the 1 bad apple excuse, something ain’t right. If I had a female cadet family member looking to complete some training time to graduate I’d beg them to go to any industry/company that had a history of diversity with women onboard & stay off the white male dominated ships that has a history of sexual harassment & assault.

I doubt KP will shut down Sea Year.

With a report like that blog post they’d better fucking do something. And changing the companies SMS to make sure somebody is the mentor of the cadet isn’t the solution, like they did last time.


Maybe the maritime industry needs to think about creating a new onboard position, (or the companies and unions) at least for a couple years, a DEI Officer onboard who could have additional functions could help the industry come into the 21st century when dealing with diversity. Having everything based out out of the corporate offices is not working, maybe its time to take it onboard. When was the last time we actually thought about manning, and created something new, instead of lowering manning?