Who is the highest value shipping company?

I think this is ridiculously low concerning the very size and breadth of APMM

Who is the highest value shipping company?

AUGUST 9, 2015—So who is the highest valued company in shipping? VesselsValue.com puts shipping and container giant A.P. Møller Maersk as the top dog with a valuation of about $13 billion, with 262 vessels owned.

In the accompanying infographic, VesselsValue.com says—tongue in cheek—that that is equivalent to 21 Hawaiian Lanai Islands or 17 B2 bombers or four of the highest priced European football clubs—Manchester United, FC Bayern Munchen, FC Barcelona, and Real Madrid.

Overall, Maersk Line, which is part of the Maersk Group,operates a fleet of 600 vessels (including those it charters) and had revenues of $27.3 billion in 2014 and profits of $2.3 billion.

The Top Five Highest Value Shipping Companies in order are:

Møller Maersk A/S, 262 vessels, $12,561,000
MOL, 215 vessels, $12,122,000
NYK, 245 vessels, $10,034,000
K Line, 180 vessels, $8,104,000
Teekay LNG Partners, 46 vessels, $7,098,000

The valuations are based on number of vessels purely owned, not chartered in, and calculated on a daily basis.

While impressive, the $13 billion valuation for A.P. Møller Maersk pales in comparison to the highest cap companies in the world—Apple, with a valuation of $740 billion, or Google at $478 billion. Heck, even Netflix, with its movie and TV streaming service has a market cap of $49 billion.

I recall several years ago hearing at ECO was valued at well over $12B but that was of course before crude oil’s price fell by half. I wonder what Gary and family would be worth in today’s market? More than I will ever see that’s for sure but not what they were.

Hey Jeaukx…care to tell us your net worth? $3.95 on ssle?

oh…$2.95! you really have taken it in the shorts with this downturn.

maybe you need to ask you mariners to pay you?

so you would think a company the size of Maersk would be worth many, many times more than a mere $13B dollars. Not only do they have hundreds of ships they own but the hundreds of thousands of containers, yard equipment, booking and tracking systems, facilities, and on and on… Then there is the total revenue stream even if profits are not that awe inspiring?

simply amazing how little their book value is? Must be total equity minus debt they are using which would mean that APMM is awash in borrowed money which does not make for a healthy company but still only $13B is just peanuts in 2015 money!

Hi there!

This valuation of Maersk only refers to the market value of the ships they actually own. This excludes any of their infrastructure as a company, as well as any vessels they charter in.

We produce daily market values for all vessels, including newbuilds, every single day. These values are based on the individual specifications of each vessel and the recent transactions in the second hand sales and purchase market.

Get in touch with us if you want any more information or for a demonstration of our service info@vesselsvalue.com +44 (0)203 327 9650

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thanks for the reply…this obviously make much more sense