When ships had "lines"

~60 passengers, 14,000 ton[ne?]s cargo. And 300,000 mile range.

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Story to go with the lovely photo of the NS Savanna.

Why did the NS Savannah fail ? Can she really be called a failure ?

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Lines!!! What “Lines”? This looks like a plank with a box at one end.
It is a barge with engines. (But cheap and efficient, I must admit)

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Once upon a time there were Cruise ships with liners too:

Saga Ruby ex Vistafjord:

Not to mention this one:

SS Norway ex SS France:

Both sadly gone.

If we are going to start talking liners, then I have to submit The Big U

She’s not gone yet, but sure has been forgotten.


Oh yes, the SS US!! The Flagship of America:

She is far from forgotten about by those interested in veteran ships, especially ocean liners.
Not long ago she featured on gcaptain news:

Which I posted a link to on her page on Captains Voyage, where there is a lot of interest in ships like SS US and SS Norway

It does too have lines, but they are straight and meet at right angles :unamused:


It always was on my mind while working Norfolk harbor why she was sitting there for so long. After reading the history over many years, I understand. Glad my mother in law gifted us with some artifacts she aquired at the numerous auctions they had.

The Bao May is actually loner than the USS York Town Aircraft Carrier at Patriots Point/Ft Sumpter. There is a fleet of others just like the Bao and they are building more as I understand.

This old local passenger boat from Hordaland has got a new lease of life as a mini cruise and party boat here in Ålesund and Sunnmøre.
(Until the pandemic stopped the flow of foreign tourists, that is):

Focus on short cruises in own district

The Cruise Service in Langevåg this year had 300 fully booked tours with foreign cruise tourists on their boats. Now they have 300 canceled trips and have to think again.

Stylish:MS “Bruvik” was delivered from the yard in 1949, but is still in excellent condition.(Stock Image) PHOTO: MARIUS SIMENSEN

The result will be short-distance trips to local gems, where we who live in Northwest Norway are the target group.

  • After all, we have lots of sights close by that not everyone knows very well. We are now setting up a program with currently 15 destinations - with Ålesund as the starting point for the trips. We envision trips from Ona ​​in the north to Sandshamn and Sandsøya in the south - and maybe even further.
    - We want to take the passengers to places that can offer experiences for both the stomach and the head, and the first trip is already Saturday 30 May, to Christian Gaard at Trandal in Hjørundfjorden. Here they can try deer burgers.

On June 6, they continue their trip to Sæbø and Rekkedal Guesthouse in Bondalen, which can offer a five-course dinner in historic surroundings dating back to the 16th century.

  • We have also started looking at “Down town Urke”, where you can sample, for example, locally brewed beer from Stennes. We are also going out to Sandshamn and Sandsøya to taste the specialties of the sea. We also plan trips to both Ona and Skotholmen, says Molvær.

A one-off classic Laker…images


Is it wise to promote a sea cruise to seasick prone landlubbers with the words stomach and head in the same sentence?

Nice rig. Good paint scheme to define it.

In the fjords and protected waters only:

Cruises to Ona exempted, but still OK most days:

You are invited. (If you can find a way to travel and don’t mind 14 days quarantine, each way)

I’ve duct-taped my right hand into my left leg in order to avoid posting pictures of Taymyr, a ship designed with the first-generation CAD tools that could only do straight lines and right angles.

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That looks like a Lykes Gulf Pride ship. Maybe the Christopher Lykes judgijng by the name which I can’t quite make out. 1 Stucken boom. They’re getting ready to arrive in port or just left port because the booms aren’t stowed. I put a basketball hoop on #4 hatch between the between the 2 houses, it took me a couple of days to install and then I lost the 2 basketballs I bought over the side I bought in less than an hour. I was on the Marjorie Lykes and James Lykes. They were nice riding ships!!

Yes, that is the Christopher Lykes. According to the info credits I found the picture was taken in the English Channel circa 1970.

The Savannah still sits in Baltimore harbor.

Yes it is. Still open for tours a few times a year too.