What would a hypothetical journey of a package from India to US be?

Hi all, newbie here. So please keep the barbs unless I know more as to what works or not. I am a landrubber so was not sure where my question would be better placed hence placing it here where perhaps people would be a bit more gracious. I had been following the Suez canal news and it occured to me that I don’t know for e.g. how a package would go from India to U.S. via ship. I am sure it is very generic and there probably are many answers to this question. So let’s say my package isn’t ‘urgent’ and it would be ok if it reached within a month. Now from what I understood of Ever Given, a ship of that size moves at around 50 kmph or 22.8 knots

Now I have two questions and two routes -

  1. If one were to fly as the crow flies, from India to U.S. and you were the ship captain, what port of calls you would do which would be the shortest. And how much time you would say it would take to go from India to U.S. coast . You are limited to say 50 kmph or 22.8 knots as Ever given
  1. You do a point-to-point route where you make the maximum profits, what would the scenario show, here time is not a constraint and you have a month or a bit more to make it. I do realize that the package would be in a container which would have similar non-time constrained items which value cheapness over speed.

Looking forward to responses.

For a package, they would take a plane.

To elaborate there are way to many different possibilities in the question you asked. Even if we were instead talking about containers, it would depend on which coast of India it is departing from and which coast of US is it’s destination.

Just check the websites of any of the major container ship companies and they list their liner routes along with the ports of call.
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Hapag Lloyd

for a lot of things it isn’t the length of the trip but how long it is tied up on the beach till it gets distributed.

Any container shipment ex ISC (India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh) to US East Coast and Gulf would be routed via the Suez. Anything to the US west coast will most likely transload in Asia and get on a trans pacific east bound Asia service.