What books are you reading or have finished lately

Retired deep sea sailor R.E. McDermott spins pretty good yarns:



I am reading The Secret Book By Ronda Byrne, it is one of the best books you people try to read it. I think this is 3rd time i am reading but still something is there to understand.

Published in 1996 but still relevant although not an easy read.

Controversy has raged around Lasch’s targeted attack on the elites, their loss of moral values, and their abandonment of the middle class and poor, for he sets up the media and educational institutions as a large source of the problem.


It’s a good book from the late 1990s. If updated it would be even more frightening.

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I’ve just started reading “Science Fictions: How Fraud, Bias, Negligence, and Hype Undermine the Search for Truth” by Stuart Ritchie, it’s already out in the UK but will be out in the US in a few days, quite a good book so far, it’s about the bad practices that some scientists have with regards to publishing scientific papers.

I’ve read a bunch of good ones lately. I haven’t posted here much as I’m moderating on another board now. But I read this back in early June.

But this ONE is a real mind blower as it describes conditions in the Trump dynasty that could blow the roof off the White House when the story breaks.
Many have noticed Neo GOP people distancing themselves from the Donald
in past months. (perhaps they have read this book)

Dark Towers by David Enrich. (gets very good reviews) it’s about Deutsche Bank and very questionable (stable) mega mega million dollar loans to Trump & family. What you will read in this book is hard to believe, but it is documented.

Dark Towers, the sad story of Deutsche Bank at the hands of Donald Trump


What is happening is right out of the Dark Towers book.

** Deutsche Bank Investigating Longtime Banker Of Donald Trump And Jared Kushner** Yahoo


Excellent book and well researched. Deutsche Bank and most of the other major banks are organized “too big to fail” criminal organizations and should be broken up.

I’ve mentioned some of these books here before but this is a list worth anyone’s time to read.

Home wreckers by Aaron Glantz (reverse mortgage & other Banker rip off’s)

Dark Money by Jane Mayer (hidden history behind the Billionaires of the rise of the radical right)

Dark Towers by David Enrich (see above post about this book)

The Imposters by Steve Benen (The Clowns we have pretending to be our political leaders)

Mitch Please ! How Mitch McConnell sold out KY & America
Matt Jones (Jones is a sports personality and on air personality…traveled into every county in Kentucky to consider if he should run against Mitch. He reveals how he was threatened by Mitch and to stay out of politics)

The Power Worshipers, inside the dangerous rise of the christian nationalism by Kathern Masters (there is an overlap…as you may guess…between the
people in Dark Money and a Clergy willing to align with them to wield power to push the political agenda of the uber wealthy. In return that element of the Clergy gains unbelievable wealth while using their tax free 15501.C3 to accept funding for this while at the same time for those uber wealthy their contributions are tax deductible…the Clergy is exempt of taxes…Some would call this a colossal money laundry…where religious contributions become political contributions
and the Clergy steers the congregation to support the agendas and vote for them)

This website showcases some of these types

Evangelical Lifestyles

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The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve

To say this book is eye-opening would be an understatement.

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That same group and their friends plotted a coup against the USA later.
The Plot to Seize the White House: The Shocking TRUE Story of the Conspiracy to Overthrow F.D.R.

Great read.

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Just as an aside, I know not everyone understands TAX Free corporations
and how they work. So in fairness I’ll post this.

How many types of 501c organizations are there?

The IRS recognizes more than 30 types of nonprofit organizations . They are, to one degree or another, exempt from federal taxes and many state taxes. And each type is different when it comes to eligibility, lobbying, electioneering, and tax-deductible contributions.Blockquote

How the IRS Classifies Nonprofit Organizations

But like anything else Crooks can twist these things around without most of the Public even realizing what they are doing.

The Sea & Civilization; A maritime History of the World.

They aren’t crooks. They are obeying the laws congress wrote for them.Congress got their direction from?

I’m not so sure about their obedience. When a contribution is made along with a caveat that something is to be done for it, then it isn’t a contribution “In good faith” and enters the realm of “illegal brokerage”. Then if part of that contribution is kicked back to the one making the contribution while all of that contribution is being written of the contributor’s taxes…it can be seen as a money laundry. All while hiding these activities behind a 501.C3…which I don’t believe was the original intent of those laws. You have the “letter” of the law and the “spirit” of the law. The books, “Dark Money” & “The Power Worshipers”
are quite enlightening on this subject.

May I suggest the occasional Calvin & Hobbes treasury, or Peanuts collection? Just to brighten things up a smidge… :grinning:

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I’ll see what I can do for some humorous reading next trip to the Library. We don’t get nearly enough laughs of late. :+1:

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Oh, I agree completely. But when these same characters cut IRS enforcement funds, capture the FEC, SEC and Justice Department they can get away with anything. If your group has more attorney’s making more money than government attorneys odds are in your favor. It’s how oligarchies obtain and maintain power. The USA has a socialistic form of government that benefits the oligarchs.

Yes I agree, and should point out how we are always hearing our better leaders pointing to the importance of an educated citizen

I was just reading today in, “How Did We Get Here ? From Theodore Roosevelt to Donald Trump” by Robert Dallek a quote by H L Mencken in the Woodrow Wilson chapter. (H L Mencken was a writer for the Baltimore Sun newspaper)

This is just the conclusion of the page long observation But in that piece Mencken writes about a literate President (Wilson) with idealistic views who is
replaced by a “Good 'ol Boy” President…Warren G. Harding.

Somewhere around 1920 Mencken penned this observation:

“As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” Blockquote

Today with the internet and POTUS Reagan revoking “The Fairness Doctrine” in broadcasting so much “education” of the public as related to political & social matters has been ascribed to the broadcast media pundits (like Rush Limbaugh and others) who offer up what the Plutocrats and Oligarch’s pay them so handsomely to present to the public.

To these ends Mencken was a century ahead of his times.


…and who ‘educates’ the people in a neutral manner?

During the recent centuries, in old Europe, we had many philosophy-based regimes, in different countries, then trying to educate their populace to fit their ideas…

They never won the education war; after an initial enthusiasm, the folks asked themselves ‘are we better than before’… and the ugly dictatorships were born…