What are your favorite maritime related e-Newsletters?

I’m curious to find out what e-newsletters everyone is reading and why.

My favorites are

  1. Marex Newsletter
  2. Professional Mariner
  3. Workboat

I don’t get newsletters per say. But, I do read the union rags online and P.M. to try and keep up with all the trends in the industry. Ie, new rules coming down the pike, new ships and equipment, who is negotiating contracts (pay, bennies, etc). I also get the Oil & Gas, and Maritime threads on yahoo for quick glimpses of the health of the industry and ‘patch’ news.

Obviously this leads me to my next question. If gCaptain were to start emailing regular newsletters, what would you want to see in it?[/quote]

Uummm, something pretty in a bikini?

Professional Mariner

The last can be very entertaining.

My favorite e-newsletter or actually e-paper is the “[B]Marine News China[/B]”! Provided by www.gms.sonsec.com. :slight_smile:

It provides useful information and news on mainly the Chinese shipping industry, shipbuilding and logistics but also on globally related issues. Subscription is "[B]free[/B]"and it comes once a month in PDF-format. The website provides also an archive with the older editions … very useful! :wink:

The subscription link is: http://www.gms.sonsec.com/en/publications/marine-news-china-is-the-e-paper-of-the-maritime-industry-china.html

In my opinion there are namely [B]way too less “good” [/B]information and news material about the shipping scene in China! [B]Or are you of another opinion??[/B] Maybe one of you know a reliable source related to China or have an inside tip on a “must-read” which should also be worthwhile reading of course? :confused: