Wellness at Sea


Back to the subject of access to internet for crew:


ITF is engaged in the wellness of seafarers around the globe:


Now that IMO has reaffirmed seafarer’s right to shore leave and protection against discrimination, will the US finally grant such rights in line with the rest of the world?:

I know Human rights only apply to Americans and since IMO doesn’t have nukes, how are they going to enforce their rules anyway??


Once again you start off the flop with an interesting addition to the conversation and then your turn card shows your true self as a natural troll. Next comes the river where you deny having any issues with Americans. (Texas hold’em analogies to highlight your typical posts as a bad hand of poker)

Get it through your thick skull. This is a forum of mariners. None of us have any issue with other mariners getting access to shore leave.


Oh sorry, I should have marked that last remark SARCASM!!!


SARCASM: noun. The use of irony to MOCK or convey CONTEMPT.

PS. It’s pretty clear to anyone who has read your posts in the past that you are not directing contempt at the IMO.


Well it was written after I read this news story:

So no the sarcastic remark was not aimed at IMO.


The truth will set you free.


Are seafarers an unhappy lot?:

Another question; Does happiness affect safety??


BW Group is well aware that internet access is important to hire and retain the best people to serve on their vessels:


Liberian Register is committed to seafarer’s wellbeing on this “Day of the Seafarers”:
Hopefully it stretches to the rest of the year as well.


Almost 5 years since MLC’06 entered into force, but has it improved the conditions for seafarers worldwide?:


Seafarers Happiness Index shows a falling trend:
Is that surprising, given the pressure that is there today?


These are all very valid points as I don’t think one person managing my vessel from ashore has ever been to sea at this point. I field endlessly sophomoric questions about operations and am asked for input that goes in one ear and out the other.

This is all strictly from the masters perspective on management. The well-being of the crew is something other entirely. We take that upon ourselves to get the niceities that the company will not. It’s a vastly different experience at sea than it was even 5 years ago. Definitely not upbeat that is for sure.

I don’t know that a new position ashore would solve any of this. Probably just create more paperwork and bullshit. Things like the case of lobster tails we used to get from the office for Christmas or even an inkling of respect for our time away from our families would be huge in my opinion. The personal relationships and mutual respect have degraded so much in recent years, I don’t know if it can come back. It’s just a sad state of the industry at this time.


A ship management company in Singapore is setting up a free helpline for seafarers of all nationalities and working for any company to assist in reducing suicide among seafarers:


Looks like a lot of interest in the mental health of seafarers lately: