Welcome to our forum

Welcome to the new gCaptain Forum powered by Discourse. This forum is home to mariners, ship enthusiasts and maritime & offshore professionals from around the world. Welcome aboard!

Brief Forum FAQ

  • Who is it for?

Most of our members are seasoned mariners working on ships and other vessel, both coastal and ocean going, of all types but we also have a large number of shoreside professionals and ship enthusiast. All maritime professionals from seaman to CEO are welcome to participate.

  • What can you find here?

We host a number of topics on a variety of topics related to ships and the offshore oil and gas industry. Many of our posts are discussions about news that we publish on the homepage or specific questions people have about their job in the industry. The only maritime topics we actively discourage are those of a highly political nature.

  • Why should you participate?

Reading these posts and engaging with other gCaptain forum members offers many benefits including learning more about ships and our industry, building relationships with members from around the world and sharing information that will make you a better/safer mariner.

  • Where can you read more (links, resources, etc)?

We welcome you to search and click around our archives and read our news articles to get a better sense of the community we have built. We also encourage you to sign up for our newsletter, follow us on twitter and like our Facebook page so you don’t miss the latest breaking news stories.