Wind Assisted Cargo Vessel (or WACV for short) is becoming more plentiful and come in many different types, sizes and age.
Here is one that may win some followers:

The THARSIS equipped with eConowind Flatrack Ventifoil® units inbound for Rotterdam.
Photo: Willem Holtkamp ©

M/V Tharsis has her own Facebook page. She trades mostly between Netherlands and UK. Looks like she just got those sails in October.

More new wind power solutions for ships is in the pipeline:

Wind assisted Container ships design receives AiP from BV Class:

In case you wondered;
Yes the sails do fold to get under bridges and while in port handling containers:

I wonder if they need some sort of dedicated crew or technicians when it is deployed. I know it says it is automated but how is it monitored? Just curious.

Mate watches it on radar? :wink:

Don’t know if this answers the questions asked: