Vision requirement question

Seeing comments on another thread brought up a question I’ve had for a while. Just an idle question hence the “scuttlebutt” category.

So the vision requirement for deck for international voyages is correctable to 20/40 in both eyes. Is there any kind of waivering if a person for whatever reason loses an eye to traumatic injury during in the duration of their career? Or is their seagoing career done? I know It’s a rare instance to crop up, just curious.

See 46 CFR 10.305. It’s covered there.

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So basically if you can show in your written statement that it doesn’t hinder your ability to perform your duties after a 6 month waiting period to make an application, then in theory, you could get a waiver without too much trouble. If I’m reading it right that is.

Thanks @jdcavo, as always you are quick to provide the needed CFR for us.

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