Venezuela raises stakes in border dispute, creates military zone to be carved

Could make life significantly more interesting for a lot of OSVs in Guyana.

Venezuela has given foreign companies 3 months to get out of Guyana’s waters.

It will be interesting to see how this develops. CNOOC are also invested in the Guyana offshore sector, I wonder how the Chinese government will react to being kicked out of Guyana. Venezuela and China have a somewhat good relationship.

A Venezuelan land invasion is extremely unlikely because the area is just dense jungle. Any conflict will likely be maritime base.

Quick let’s sell some decommissioned LCS ships to Guyana!

I wonder how many US flagged OSVs are in the area?

A lot. There are at least 14 ECO boats down there (and that’s just counting the newer +280’ boats that are running Navtor software that I can pull up at a glance… I’m pretty certain there are some older boats down there too.)

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