Used paper charts wanted

Looking for a set of used paper charts for the Caribbean sea and the Bahamas.

I’m assuming you’ve asked this question on sailing forums. Probably have more luck there.

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You might get some here if people are swapping out paper charts for new editions. How old and used are you looking for? Are you wanting them for wallpaper of wrapping Christmas presents?

I am wanting them for off shore navigation.

IMO regs require that back-up paper charts (paper chart back-up) be ready to use in case of failure of the ECDIS, that implies that the charts be corrected.

But out of date charts would be better than nothing as long as the limitations were understood, at least in the case of a yacht. If the pubs were up to date the information on hazards can be found there.

Call Sailorman in Fort Lauderdale. They have hundreds of them for a $1 each. I just got some for a wall decoration.

Spend the $30 a chart and get up to date charts… I would put a price on being safe

I am looking for a set of out dated paper charts. I am using them as a back up tool. Just in case I have a chart potter failure.

I have a small blue water sailboat, 28 ft triton, she drafts 4 ft. planning on gunk hauling around the Exumas.

If your going to use them as a back up you might as well have an up to date backup. As I mentioned in another thread, NOAA allows free off downloads. Some in the regular format and some in the booklet format.

You can print the booklet ones in regular paper if they cover the area you want.

I actually keep a few here and there on my tablets, and they are very close to being up to date.

Get up to date stuff it’s worth it.

Thanks for the Info I will look into the NOAA downloads