USCG Renewal Examinations

Hola! Can anyone share any knowledge of how difficult or how much effort is required to take and pass a USCG Unlimited Chief Engineer take-home renewal examination? Gracias!!

I once let a former coworker borrow my USCG test prep books to take an open book test because he let his docs expire. From what he told me, he took the test & left the ones he wasn’t sure about blank. Then he went through the test prep books, found the questions that he wasn’t sure about & filled in the correct answers. A child who never seen a boat could pass that USCG open book test.

This was in 2003 though, I don’t know if it is still the same?

De nada.

It is not difficult, but time and effort is required.

Sand Pebble and Chief Seadog - thanks for your responses!

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