USCG Icebreaker Healy motor replacement photos - Jalopnik


CHOUEST does that routinely when they blow up an engine in an AHTS.

First I heard of it was the ALEX CHOUEST.

I might disagree with “most advanced”; USCGC Mackinaw represents today’s icebreaking technology whereas USCGC Healy has more common with 1980s icebreakers…

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Thats some serious hull plate!! (And a slick gen-set swap video at the end of that article, impressive timeline.)

That doesn’t really sound like the most cost effective maintenance plan…you know engines are not usually considered consumables right? /s

I can’t follow. To many damn commercials It’s annoying as hell That I loose interest in the story

They had to get her back on the job.

Went through a couple of fuel tank. First I-beams bent when they started pulling the engine. No problem, GO BIGGER! I think it was five days.

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