USCG – alternatives to GPS

In the latest “believe it or not”, the USCG, after killing LORAN and eLORAN, now seeks to enter into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with UrsaNav, Inc. to research, evaluate, and document at least one alternative to the Global Positioning System (GPS) as a means of providing precise time.

Uh… How nice for UrsaNav, Inc. From their website it appears that they have at least one alternative on the market already. Not surprisingly, three USCG retirees are part of UrsaNav’s executive team.

The Coast Guard seeks public comment on the proposed CRADA and invites others with alternative proposals to make submissions. Comments and proposals should be submitted by February 10. 77 Fed. Reg. 1708 (January 11, 2012).


“Not surprisingly, three USCG retirees are part of UrsaNav’s executive team.”

I’m sure they were hired because their superior knowledge of electronic navigation systems was far beyond anything anyone else on the planet could bring to the table. Yeah, right.

If there were any justice in this world those bastards and every other CG decison maker they have spoken to since retiring would be sharing a cell in a federal prison someplace.

Maybe there isn’t any actual illegal act that can be prosecuted but if “where there is moke, there is fire” means anything then where there is this kind of stink there is a big pile of festering shit and corruption.

And people wonder why the general public has less respect for the government than they do organized crime syndicates. At least the “wise guys” don’t claim they are here to help us.

I thought we could do this by the moon and stars… a dead art.

[QUOTE=DeckApe;60784]I thought we could do this by the moon and stars… a dead art.[/QUOTE]

I think they are looking at it for “a means of providing precise time”, or what you used to get from the “time tick.”

You mean those geniuses haven’t told their new employer about this one?

That is a rhetorical question. If we could glimpse the whole process that brought them to their new posts I believe we would see that they have already delivered what they are now being rewarded for.

I guess this project was too simple and cheap and reliable for anyone within scent of the Beltway to make a decent income after retirement.

Maybe just get a really good timepiece.