Update: Deadly Conception Dive Boat Fire, Where 34 Died, Started in Trash Can

Just curious on the number of casualty investigations you’ve been a part of.


And how is your question at all relevant to my comment made? Oh, that’s right, it isn’t. At all. Zero.

Because in the real world (aka private sector), people will rarely speak with such certainty when all one can really do is speculate. Even the NTSB states probable cause. So hey, get back to your armchair posting of yelling at clouds and whining that people are smarter than you. Don’t forget to use your readers as you one finger type at 1 sentence per minute.

My father did casualty investigation as a 2nd career. I did a number of jobs with him as well as about a dozen or so on my own. For a time (1980’s - early 90’s) I was a member if the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI). So please don’t tell me what goes on in the real world, particularly the private sector.


Well hot diggity! Then you should have access to plenty of reports!

So please find an example that was used for deposition/expert witness testimony where the fire destroyed nearly all evidence and structure (such as a boat burning to the waterline) and the investigator stated with 100% certainty as to what the cause and path of the fire–as compared to saying “probable”, “likely”, “most likely”, etc. Because, just to remind you, this certainty in the report from .gov agencies was the point of contention.

And a quick glance at IAAI website: Join

Active Membership USD $100/year
An Active Membership is available to professionals in good standing who are currently involved with a government entity or private business who is actively engaged in some phase of fire and arson investigation or the administration of justice. Professionals must be age 18 or over to qualify for Active Membership. Active Members have the right to vote on IAAI business and hold IAAI office.

Quite an expensive and difficult organization to join, as there appears to be rigorous license/education/experience/training requirements…(note: sarcasm). Thank you for flaunting your past membership.

I have read the LA Times article (and a few others) regarding the Conception fire and the NTSB and ATF investigations. The articles reference the ATF’s 197-page report but there is no link to it. I am sure it can be found but I haven’t run across it.

That’s not what the news article said. Assuming the news articles accurately reflect what the report contained, the ATF, based on available evidence and their tests, concluded where the fire started but made no findings as to what started it. In many Origin and Cause investigations you can determine where a fire started but reach no definitive conclusion as to the cause.


who cares where the fire started
Whose getting charged in that not fit for purpose USCG organisation?


Elon Musk: ‘It’s OK to be wrong,’ he tells his employees. ‘Just don’t be confident and wrong.’

Captain Boylans trial, the Judge will not allow any discussion of the fire in the trash can because there is absolutely no evidence of that. Even the NTSB did not agree.
We will find out this week who is on the witness list, expert list and exhibit list. Kohls testimony as a witness is probably the most important for the trial.


The NTSB did not agree with what?

The NTSB whom was in charge did not agree at all with this.
If you actually read the attempts at recreating the fire with the mock up. It was a complete joke. It was extremely hard to get a fire going.