Unarmed "Pirates" killed

Chinese Captain charge for ordering the killing of Somali pirates:

They were perhaps trying/threatening to kill him if he didn’t comply?

From the article:

"The suspect said the alleged Somali pirates shot at his boat and three other boats fishing in the area, before one of the fishing boats managed to knock the men into the sea.

Despite knowing the men had no way of defending themselves at this point, the suspect told officials he ordered his Pakistani security guards to shoot them so that they could not get away and ask other pirates to hijack his vessel, prosecutors said."

I hope this guy is found guilty & sentenced to 10 years of hard labor as a master of an antipiracy vessel!


but whats the penalty for piracy of a Taiwanese vessel on the high seas?

Had to laugh when some of those Africans pirated a Malaysian tanker and low and behold the Malaysian navy was on the UN patrol, took control of that vessel and captured all the Africans.
Took them back to Malaysia where they all hung as Malaysia has the death penalty for piracy.


This is true, they did attempt to hijack the M/T Bunga Laurel in 2011 but was arrested by Malaysian Marines.

In 2012 they were offered a plea bargain:

And in 2013 they were sentenced, but not hanged:

So if you laughed because they were hanged, you laughed a little too early.

PS> Some of the Pirates were 15 years old at the time of the high jacking and thus could not have been sentenced to death by Malaysian Law.

Just long enough to get an advanced degree in terrorism.

Piracy and human trafficking (driving or crewing a “refugee ferry” or a pirate vessel) should both be capital crimes with instant execution when captured.


And the hell with “Rule of Law”??
That is what defines a civilised nation from the so called “sh*thole” countries.
But all the fine phrases about “Everybody is equal before the Law” and “Innocent until proven guilty” is just empty talk?

Four of the pirates were only 15 years old at the time. Should they be “executed on the spot without trial”?

Actually the Malaysian High Court Judges gave them 4 years jail sentences due to their age. Maybe Malaysia is not such a “sh*thole” country after all?

PS> I followed this case at the time, but didn’t remember the details. Google helps the memory though.

Yes, just long enough and gullible enough to come out of prison ready to murder some poor sailor without concern for the age of that sailor or what happens to his family at home.


The “rule of law” should be rewritten to make piracy and human trafficking a kill on sight crime. Both occupations would end pretty quickly. Think of the lives it would save Bug. How may died in the Med and the English Channel this week?

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Couldn’t agree more. It’s only captured pirates & those who set comfortable at home protected by their civil society who wants leniency & mercy for murderers & would be murderers. A person being raped or bleeding to death never asks for a judge, jury & bureaucrats to come save them. Talking about “civil society” & the life of leisure. A group of Somali pirates ceremoniously executed four Americans for no reason, threw their hands up & we rewarded them with a fully funded taxpayer provided retirement back in the US. Those cold blooded murderers are now some of the best feed, best medically taken care of & educated Somalis on the planet. Screw that, kill them while they are committing their crimes & be done with it. Thank goodness uncle Sam has unpublicized decoy boats at sea taking care of pirates in action without the help of dingbats pirate advocates.

Supported in relative comfort by the neighbors of the innocent people they murdered. Makes no sense.

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They should be hung and displayed in the port entry, “gibbeting” I believe it was called. That would end this shit yesterday…

Piracy is the language of the unheard.

I happen to believe that ANYBODY has a right to a fair trial and so does most people in the civilised world:

That applies to a Somali pirate as much as to an American who commit criminal acts anywhere in the world.

As I said, that is what separate civilised people and countries from Barbarians and “Sh*tholes”.

Applying the Rule of Law practiced in the civilized world to murderers who don’t give a fuck is bound to fail. Sun Tzu: “To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy.” I understand this to mean you may have to adopt his methods.


The suspect said the alleged Somali pirates shot at his boat and three other boats fishing in the area, before one of the fishing boats managed to knock the men into the sea.

From my experience in that area pirates don’t typically go around just shooting at other boats, they try to board their targets.

This could have been a dispute between fisherman. It’s not unheard of here in Maine during lobster wars for boats to exchange gunfire. Must happen in other fisheries as well.

I’ve seen it first hand in northern BC salmon fisheries at a river mouth. Something is missing in that story.

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Most fishermen and fishing boats don’t carry gun, so shooting is not that common around the world. (Firing flares maybe)