U.S. flag slips into Paris MOU's "Gray List"


Because it requires countries to actually agree on something.


Even a small active group on this forum can’t agree on simple tings, why should countries??

Joke aside; I do agree that there should be ONE databank and one inspection regime for ALL IMO members, incl. USA. Not too difficult, given modern data and communication technology.

It should be administered centrally by IMO and locally by individual Maritime Authorities in each member country and the ROs should be limited to IACS member and State inspectors.

Both IMCA and OCIMF has electronic data bases and standardized inspection regimes for Offshore vessel. (OCIMF and Q88 likewise for tankers)



I know, right?


Well thanks for that and let me return the favor. From my perspective it is you who do not understand. Everybody including myself at least twice in the posts above is saying avoiding redundant inspections is a good idea. What you are saying is that alone makes it worth while for the US to join the Paris MOU.

Your reasoning seems to be that of a shipowner not a nation engaged in PSC. What difference does it make if the Chichibu Maru was inspected in Europe if it is of dubious quality?

If you are ship operator of such quality that you are on the USCG target list or Paris MOU grey list and you trigger some other thresholds you can count on more frequent PSC inspections depending on time, place and circumstance. Is the port busy for OCMI office? Did your ship despite being targeted just recently have a good inspection? Was the encounter contentious? They may skip you they may not. What difference does it make if you are above board?

Of course this is a database management problem not a membership in a MOU problem.

I just looked up a foreign flag ship in the PSIX and it showed me where and when the ship was inspected and if there was a deficiency, what they can’t do that from Europe?

Some more poking around USCG websites indicates they already share port security information with foreign governments/ports and that they are authorized to share MISLE data with IMO. So what they don’t have a committee at IMO that discusses enforcement at all? Sit down in that venue and hash it out. I still don’t see the case for US specifically in the Paris MOU.


It’s time consuming and inefficient.


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