Two Seriously Injured in Lifeboat Drill Accident in Vancouver -Report – gCaptain

According to B.C. Emergency Health Services, the patients were taken to hospital in serious condition, but they are both stable.

Check out the CCGH Moytel! Sucks that they got hurt, but what a cool ambulance. You’re going to be ok times 50 knots.

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The ambulance. I rode on this one while under temporary contract with the CCG long ago. I wonder if it’s still in service.


PS - I found this photo match in a 2013 Maritime Monday feature. Apparently it had gone out of service by then. I miss Maritime Mondays.

Every vessel I’ve been on in the last ten years has required (by company policy) hang-off pendants and harbor pins installed before anyone enters a lifeboat for drills (non-launching) or maintenance. Is this not a common thing elsewhere?

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really, this just happened a couple years ago or less? … now i wonder how often it happens in places we wouldn’t hear about? inexcusable

Date Ship Injuries Fatalities
2015-01-14 Maersk Giant 0 0
2014-10-04 Corel Princess 1 1
2014-03-01 Aquarosa 1 0
2013-02-10 Thomson Magesty 3 5
2012-03-29 Saga Sapphire 2 0
2012-03-27 Anna Maersk 1 1
2011-02-07 Tombarra 3 1
2010-02-17 Chem Faros 0 0
2004-10-06 Lowlands Grace 0 2
2011 Christophe Colomb 1 2
2011 Volendam 1 1
2010 Ocean Ambassador 2 2
Australian Spirit 0 0
British Sapphire

Its not a complete list, by any means. Who has more data?

If you’re going to get hurt by the lifeboat stuff, might as well be during a drill and not during a real emergency, I guess…

That reasoning is bogus! Drills and maintenance put us in the LBs and FRCs a couple times a week maybe. Emergency use never, if you’re lucky. I don’t want to die to make sure the air bottles are topped up and the batteries are charged. WTF do you call a ‘real emergency’? Not 5 guys pulped by a sudden stop? So bogus.

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Hilarious. :rofl: