Tugboat sinks at Myrtle Grove Fleet - Mississippi River

Tugboat sinks at Turn Services Myrtle Grove Fleet last night. River still closed from mile 55-58 at this time. They are still looking for the boat and 1 crew member. I believe they rescued the other 2 crew onboard. It’s been said that 1 of the guys rescued died later. The river is no joke right now peoples, stay on your toes…

They just opened the river at 1300 local time…

One Missing After Towboat Sinks on Lower Mississippi

Thank you for the post, heading upriver and just went by where it happened…very sad

I know, I hate to see this happen, lot of folks hurting hard right now.

How much current/flood stage does the river have to get before the CG stops traffic?

A Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesperson said the vessel left from Turn Services on the West Bank and was trying to move an empty barge when it started to take on water.

Authorities say the cause of the capsizing is still under investigation.