Tug capsizes off BC coast - crew saved

All four crew members aboard a tug that capsized in the dangerous waters of Skookumchuck Narrows Sunday were saved by the crew of a another tug operating nearby.
The 42-foot North Arm Venture was towing a fuel barge when it overturned in the turbulent current at the entrance of Sechelt Inlet, near Egmont on the northern tip of Sechelt Peninsula, around 12:50 p.m.
A boater on the scene reported the Sea Imp X arrived in time to pluck the soaked crew out of danger and put them on the barge it had been towing.
The Canadian Coast Guard rescue boat Cape Caution arrived on the scene, said a statement issued by Victoria Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre.
The Sea Imp towed the North Arm Venture and barge to Killam Bay, at the entrance to Jervis Inlet to the north, where it was originally headed.
One injured crew member was taken to hospital in Egmont.
Ernie Catherwood, owner of the Sea Imp, was just being contacted at his Mission home by the tug’s dispatcher when reached by a reporter.
The Sea Imp “was on site, working for Fraser River Pile,” said Catherwood. “We took some equipment up there for them, they were doing some dredging work for one of their customers right there at the beginning of the narrows.”
Catherwood said the Sea Imp is a new vessel.
He described it as “a small ocean-going” tug, 54 feet long, powered by twin 500-horsepower Cummins engines.
Skookumchuck Narrows is one of the wildest stretches of water in the world. Twice a day 200 billion gallons of seawater flow in and out of Sechelt Inlet at the narrows, creating an amazing spectacle.
The difference in water levels sometimes reaches three metres, with a current reaching 32 km/h.
That forms whirlpools that attract daredevil kayakers and divers from around the world.
The North Arm Venture was travelling through the rapids at a relatively slack tide.

A couple of kayaker’s cought it all on video while waiting for max current to play

Kayakers at play


That place is amazing. I’ve been up there to watch the kayaking. Incredible stuff. If you’re up there and get hungry, there’s a cafe in Egmont that serves the biggest hamburger I’ve ever eaten. It lasted me four meals. The Skookum Burger they call it.