Trouble Shooting of KT19 Marine Engine

Hey Guys,

We are stuck in trouble shooting of a Cummins KT19 Marine High Speed Engine on our vessels.
The engine runs without load i.e without engaging the propeller and reaches its max running RPM of 1800.
When the engine is on load , the max RPM attained in only 950.
Cummins’s engineers checked the engine and its parameters which were found to be perfect.
Reduction gear was checked and is OK
Propeller is 4 blade , 2 of the blades are damaged and cut but we are not sure if the problem is really in the propeller.
Brainstorming on the problem will be appreciated.

I’d like to know what the diff in rpm is from idle to full throttle applied when you are still only getting 950 rpm under load.
does the throttle rack move to full position under load?
are you getting loads of black smoke under load?
what do the head temps do?
Basically: if you’re getting a full cylinder load of fuel and air and the engine rpm isn’t going up… well, hell… it pretty much has to.
do you have a lot of electronic interface on load control of engine?
there will be some comments here; be patient

A damaged wheel can drastically reduce your RPM. How drastically depends on the damage to the wheel. You say two blades are cut… Please explain further. Are you getting a lot of Black smoke? Is this a Q series engine?


Call me. I’ll fix it.

If it’s not the prop, there is a multitude of fuel issues on a k-19 that can cause the same issues. Without being there, knowing what kind of set up ya’ll have, mechanical, electric, yada yada, it’s hard to say. But I’ve had bad fuel pumps make this happen, bad DL-10 valves make this happen.

First try bypassing the DL-10 valve, that’s the easiest and quickest one I can think of.

Next you have an air line running from your after-cooler to your fuel pump. Pull that off, and put an air hose to its place on the fuel pump. If that air cause the engine to throttle up, you have bad pressure on your after-cooler.

And then there’s always swapping the ecm, if applicable, with one on another main, see if the problem follows, or swapping fuel pumps for the fun of it and seeing if it makes any difference.

Those are the ideas off the top of my head, hard to say for sure without being there, especially with a wheel needing replacing as an extra variable.

Best of luck to ya’ll

Please do write us back, tell us wtf happened with it! … also; is this something that happened all of a sudden? or was it progressive?

Happy New Year Vini and everyone else

In your initial post, there was no mention of line shafting and bearings inspections done to check that everything is still in spec.

As requested by jimrr, please reply with further actions taken and the root cause if found