Transatlantic lines (TAL) current situation


Thanks for your reply. I am not an expert either on ship prices but I would not think anyone would pay $2.5 million for a ship in that shape.


Didn’t we hear that MEBA organized this ship? Is that True?


MEBA won a vote to represent the officers but as far as I know they’re still in negotiations, if they’ve even started them yet.


If that’s the case, MEBA should be working to get the crew paid.


TAL will just blame MEBA for killing them.


Geysir is due into Jacksonville in a couple of days, for whatever that is worth.


she ain’t worth much…I can tell you that


Get detained there too? Lol. I hope that company goes and a good company takes over! Is the Norfolk-Azores run over or is another company on it?


She has always been a POS even when new as the Rainbow Hope. Breakdowns were always happening.


Reeled in a couple of more fish today.
Two new QMED’s reported onboard.
Tomorrow is payday.
Fingers crossed.


Wow, people really need to Google the company before going to work there.


No payday.
Instead, a pleasant surprise visit from two members of the Department of Labor.
They collected statements from all crew members who were willing to talk to them.
I don’t believe anyone declined with the possible exception of one of the two new crew members which is understandable.


I said that to myself afterwards of course
But in all fairness, would you ever think to ask a company if they were actually paying their employees?
You take it for granted, right?
And why wouldn’t you?
I wouldn’t think of hiring a mason or a carpenter to do work only to tell them after the fact that I couldn’t pay them…


I’m sorry to hear that the crew remains unpaid for months.

As I understand it, TAL and that ship work exclusively for the US Government under a corporate welfare program that pays TAL freight rates that are 10 times higher than normal commercial rates would be. And the US Government is not doing anything to compel TAL to pay its crew? That’s an outrage. TAL should be disqualified from bidding on government contracts until it pays the crew. The MSC should withhold any payments due to TAL until arrangements are made to pay the crew.

I’m embarrassed by the US Government, and that the US remains a banana republic when it comes to the treatment of mariners.

I assume that’s the California Department of Labor that came aboard? That’s good. They may, or may not, be able to compel TAL to pay you, but having them involved will help.

Where the hell is MEBA? As I understand it, at some point MEBA went to the ship and got the crew to sign pledge cards, the NLRB held an election and MEBA won. So MEBA represents the crew, or at least it represents the engineers. It does not matter whether TAL has signed a union contract or if it’s still under negotiation, MEBA represents at least part of the crew. MEBA should be doing whatever it takes to get TAL to pay the crew.

Go to the MEBA union hall and ask for help.

Go to the seamen’s center and ask for help.

If you have a mortgage to pay and a family to feed, obviously, you need to get off that ship and go make a living. If you have no financial obligations and need employment “experience” and seatime, and you have no other options, then It might make sense to stay aboard awhile longer and see what happens. Eventually, TAL will either find some money to recapitalize the company, or it will be forced to file for bankruptcy.

Whether they pay you or not, you might want to think about getting off that old rust bucket before it goes to sea again.

How are you doing for food and water?


going to sea again? get the US Marshall to arrest the ship and it won’t be able to sail before wages are paid.

I would also certainly love it if someone would set fire to that miserable pipsqueak in Greenwich…he is a little piece of shit who never did a single thing which ever showed any respect for the men and women who operated his vessels. He is contemptuous of mariners and needs to be expunged from our industry


Is he still an alien?

It is disgusting that the government will spend time and resources to arrest and deport some guy who mows the lawns of lazy rich people but allows scum like that to get rich off government contracts while screwing American mariners.

I’d love to see agents of the Orange Sphincter break down his door and send his sorry ass back to Iceland.


I came back to this thread hoping to see a different answer, but at least somebody from labor did arrive.


The crew has no money to do anything.

They need a lawyer. MEBA should supply the lawyer. Then they would need CASH for the bond before the US Marshal would arrest the ship. MEBA should supply that cash too.

Actually, since the ship is already detained by the USCG for innumerable serious deficencies, it not going anywhere soon.

If the ship sailed to a foreign port, it would be detained under MLC for not paying the crew. It’s really ironic that the crew of a US flag ship has more rights in a foreign port than they do in a US port. Its ironic that foreign governments provide more protection to US mariners than the US Government does.

A more effective approach (it could be a parallel approach) would be to file a case in Connecticut State court seeking receivership. If such a receivership case were filed, it would force the owner to chose between paying his crew to get the case dismissed, or losing control of the company to a receiver, or being forced to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The owner would continue to manage the company in bankruptcy, but a court appointed receiver would manage the company under state court receivership. Either process would be very expensive for the owner.

Faced with those choices, my guess is that the owner would suddenly find money to pay the crew. It probably wouldn’t take anything more than an email from a credible lawyer representing the crew. But first, the crew needs a lawyer.

I’m more disgusted by MEBA’s failure to help their pledges/members (and the rest of the crew) than I am by TAL’s owner.

As I understand it, the shipowner is from Iceland. Presumably, he must a naturalized US Citizen in order to own a US flag ship. Presumably, he must also have a Secret security clearence in order to manage a ship carrying military cargo. Given that he is constantly in trouble with the USCG, is insolvent, and habitually abuses a corporate welfare program intended to bolster national defense and to provide employment for US mariners, at the very least his security clearance and US citizenship should be revoked. He should be sent back to Iceland. But not on one of his own ships; that would be too cruel.


MEBA never went to the ship, the office was mistreating the crew so bad that the crew called MEBA.

MEBA represents all the licensed officers.


If MEBA represents the officers, then it should have done something weeks ago. What good is a so-called “union” that can’t even help the guys it “represents” to collect their paychecks?

MEBA should be really ashamed of itself.