Towing Bridle Design -

Hi! launches the Towing Bridle Design Spreadsheet

This Excel sheet helps you design/select the towing bridle and other towing equipment for a vessel whose Tug’s Bollard Pull is known.

Very useful in towing operations, in selecting the right towing equipment, or evaluating the suitability of the towing equipment onboard the vessel

Towing Bridle comprises of the accessories which are used on the vessel to connect it to the tug.
[li]Wire/Chain Bridle[/li][li]Delta Plate[/li][li]Intermediate Pennant[/li][li]Bridle Shackles[/li][/ul]

Besides, it also covers
[li]Towline Strength check[/li][li]Towline Shackles[/li][li]Fairleads[/li][li]Emergency Towing Equipment[/li][/ul]

A demo video is below:…n-spreadsheet/