Towards zero emission shipping

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I’d love to know what they mean by carbon neutral shipping
Stopping shipping is the best solution, transport is the big Co2 polluter.

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Why would anyone want to go ‘carbon neutral’? The whole thing is madness.

Here’s a quote from Bjorn Lomborg(a global warming believer) highlighting the cognitive dissonance of the debate on climate change.

“Half the world now believe climate change will make humanity go extinct.
Reality? UN expects average person in 2100 to be 450% richer. Climate change will lower that to 434%.
It’s a problem, not the end-of-world”

Why would anybody resist it??

Because many sensible people see there are a thousand higher priority issues to be rectified before we try to change the temperature of the world if indeed such a thing exists … and can be measured … and anything humans do has any effect … and that effect is beneficial … and is cost beneficial … and

Have you started yet with the easier task of eliminating millions of preventable deaths annually from malaria, ombugge, as I suggested in a previous comment?

Didn’t think so.

You try to save the world by lecturing from your comfortable life far removed from the poorest people you condemn to suffer from the consequences of mindless vanities of rich westerners. Did you ask them?

No I have not. Have you??
PS> I have had malaria twice + some reoccurrences over the years.
I’m happy to report that it is several years since last attack. (Maybe I have cured it without knowing??)

WRONG!!! I have lived and worked in some of the worst places and at the worst times in recent history. Bangladesh for instance. In 1972, the only year in newer times the population in that country dropped. (caused by war, floods and starvation)
PS> I worked for UNDP, operating 4 small tankers on the rivers.

Maybe you should look in the mirror??

Yes. At least I’m working to reintroduce DDT as a mosquito repellent in malarial countries (against the active resistance of environmentalists … like you?). I’ve crewed on voyages to malarial zones to carry scientists who study those mosquitoes.

So you have malaria? But couldn’t care less about removing this scourge from the world by easy means? Strange. I would have thought you might be more interested in saving lives today than altering the climate in a century.

And don’t tell me malaria is a disease which will become more prevalent in a warming world. The best set of historical malaria records over many decades were maintained in Finland.

I couldn’t care less that you have been exposed to malarial conditions. So have I. What I’m criticising you for is forever advocating crazy ideas to reduce CO2 presumably towards some impossible end in a century when you could be saving lives today. I’m making the simple comparison of cost benefit analysis. You can do more good for less cost/effort helping the world’s poor than you can by trying to change the world’s temperature when we are all going to be dead anyway.

And there are many more things of higher priority than zero emissions shipping. Competent shipping would be a start.

I don’t see this thread going anywhere productive.